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Before and After: A Soho Bathroom Remodel That Brightens the Room

Before and After: A Soho Bathroom Remodel That Brightens the Room

Want a bigger-feeling bathroom without changing the bathroom layout? It’s possible when skilled home renovators are involved. This makeover is all about strategizing.


When Gallery Kitchen & Bath designers do their bathroom renovations, they don’t just use their own ideas. Instead, they let the client drive, holding a series of in-depth conversations with each homeowner so they can develop custom-fit solutions and moods. Sometimes, it’s not about wrenching out the plumbing or knocking out a ceiling, but rather, tweaking the bathroom layout and swapping in materials that cultivate the client’s preferred vibe.

That’s what happened with this Broome Street bathroom remodel. This bathroom’s last round of remodeling services took place in the late ‘90s, and while the room was technically functional, it was slowly veering away from the family’s ideal. “It was not in bad shape,” says the Gallery Kitchen & Bath’s CEO Aaron, “nor did it have any plumbing or electrical issues. But it was clearly in need of an overhaul.”

On the client’s wish list: A design motif that would age well, so the family’s growing son would enjoy it at different ages. And ideally, it would have an inventive storage system that stowed essentials, but didn’t distract from the new visual theme. They’d come to the right place, because Gallery is a New York remodeling company particularly focused on design. Its kitchen and bath contractors are also designers, and they put themselves in clients’ shoes to craft beautiful, pleasurable places.

Take a look at these before and after photos. When it comes to bathroom makeovers, this is a big one: the “after” of this bathroom makeover feels much calmer, and airier, and brighter than its predecessor. At first glance, the palette is almost monochromatic. But like a magic trick, this unadorned feel is actually the result of some sophisticated, hidden maneuvering.

The secret is its series of juxtapositions: warm and clean; modern and classic; slick and natural.

Before and After - Bathroom - 477 Broome Street, Manhattan NY 2.jpeg

First, Gallery designers illuminated the room by replacing its old taupe walls and gray panels with glossy, snow-white bathroom tiles. These bright squares bounce light around the room, and lend a clean, spa-adjacent feel to this essential space.

If it was only white, however, the bathroom would run the risk of feeling clinical. Or worse, boring. And that’s where the juxtaposition comes in. Gallery installed marble floor panels in a herringbone pattern, which is traditional enough to be classic but rare enough to feel unique. Its muted tones help it accent, rather than overpower, the bathroom, and the marble’s natural veining infuses the room with instant naturalness. “Marrying the white, sterile wall tile with the natural stone floor provides the perfect balance between a modern look and warm charm,” explains Aaron. “Purely modern designs without this balance can be cold and almost unwelcoming.”

This balanced approach is the Broome Street bathroom’s design signature. Designers then complemented it with some extras: Recessed lighting saves vertical space, and a glass shower door creates the look of one larger bathroom (a must in practically any New York bathroom).

Gallery finished it off with a custom storage solution: a niche beneath the medicine cabinet, which spans the entire length of the room. Perfect for items both decorative (candles, succulents) and essential (contact lens solution, a toothbrush holder), the shelf has its own tan tiling and adds storage without impacting the size of the room.

If you’re wondering what bespoke home and bath solutions designers can come up with for you, schedule a consultation with Gallery Kitchen & Bath.


By Rebecca Loeser