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Home Remodeling With Ultra Violet, 2018’s Pantone Color

Home Remodeling With Ultra Violet, 2018’s Pantone Color

From Prince to politics, this glowy, velvety indigo-purple has a lot to say. Here’s how to use the color of the year in your home renovation.

Pantone’s 2017 color was Greenery. A yellow-based green, at once fresh and warm, it evoked dewy mornings, tender sprouts, and herbaceous smells. Greenery was springy in every sense of the word.

Ultra Violet ain’t that.

Like the electromagnetic radiation it’s named for, Pantone’s 2018 pick is bold. It’s inky and decisive. It recalls pigments worn by royalty: princes and Prince alike. After snaking into trendy homes all year in the form of craggy amethyst crystals, this vivid purple finally has earned the Pantone stamp.

If you’re ready for some “ultra”-level apartment ideas, let’s invite it into your home.

1. Start Subtle

There’s no Duchess of Pantone decreeing that every homeowner in America must paint their walls bright purple. The true goals of Pantone’s yearly selection are more nuanced: it helps trend scouts and influencers forecast designs, it offers inspiration across industries, and--if you’re into internet thinkpieces--it’s even designed to reflect the culture’s social undercurrents.

So before you order 10,000 Ultra Violet tiles, or assign each room a different square of the Pantone color chart, think bigger by thinking smaller. If you’re considering a white or gray countertop, why not let the year’s Pantone pick steer you toward a cooler, more blue-based stone? If you’re tiling your shower, and previously considered a black geometric pattern, check out graphic designs threaded with delicate veins of violet. If you consider your stove to be the heart of your kitchen, try an purple backsplash, even if it’s a warmer one than Ultra Violet itself.

2. Find Your Light

If we haven’t made it clear yet, Ultra Violet is kind of a big deal. Its lush, gallon-of-paint-in-one-square-inch feel means that dark spaces might leave it shadowy or flat. Before you take a roller brush to your accent wall or carpet your walk-in closet, take a swatch into your proposed space and check it out in the area’s real-life light. Your eyes, along with the counsel of your home improvement contractors, will help you make a luminous choice.

Different materials and paint formulations reflect light, and therefore color, differently. So if your matte Ultra Violet swatch looks black in indirect light, and that’s not what you were going for, try a glossy or semi-gloss counterpart before giving up on your royal dreams.

3. Let Opposites Attract

Some say Ultra Violet represents the union of opposites--of fire and water, even of red and blue political ideologies--so why not celebrate its uniqueness by having it pop against its own counterpart? In this case, that would be yellow. Bright yellow. Colors sing when properly paired with their complementary partners, so juxtaposing Ultra Violet to a similarly vibrant yellow could have stylishly explosive, vibratory results.

Picture an Ultra Violet door opening onto a room with yellow curtains; an Ultra Violet sofa resting on bright yellow tiles; a festive mosaic backsplash roiling with these and other hues.

4. Or, Just Opt for Accessories

Let’s face it: color is a commitment. Maybe you don’t want to fold it directly into your house remodeling project. If you’re doing a kitchen renovation or a bathroom remodel, you may want to stick with versatile tones. That’s great too: a monochromatic palette will welcome unexpected dollops of color. A few layered rugs, each in different shades of Ultra Violet, will create a cohesive landscape in an all-white room. And a couple of bright chairs can dose a kitchen with color while letting the eye rest on an expanse of cool marble.


By Rebecca Loeser