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So, What Does a Kitchen Remodel Cost?

Can you afford a brand new kitchen right now? Gallery’s general contractors--who are also accredited designers--break down home kitchen remodeling costs.

Most of us have thumbed through home design magazines and dog-eared the very best kitchen ideas. Many of us have Pinterest boards--secret or otherwise--plastered with shiny, modern kitchen cabinets or photo after photo of a dreamy country kitchen. Many the small-kitchen dweller has pictured what life would be like with a sunny open plan or a space age-style set of stainless steel ovens.

But like . . . what does a brand new kitchen cost?

As you may have expected, the answer varies, depending on a sprawling spectrum of different factors. When we cornered the Gallery Kitchen & Bath team, they were able to break it down for us. In fact, they even gave some tips on how (and how not) to save money.

The Total

It’ll typically range from $45,000 to $150,000 before appliances. The wide range is due not to room size or fridge models (these are the totals before appliances, in fact), but rather to cabinets and finishing materials. Other services and items involved in the process have a narrower set of costs; cabinets and finishing materials, however, span an enormous range.

Your Kitchen Renovation Cost Breakdown

So where exactly is that 45 or 150 going? Gallery Kitchen & Bath’s general contractors, who also happen to be accredited designers, say that the bulk of costs tend to fall into three main buckets. While other types of costs can stay relatively stable, it’s these three facets that independently affect things the most.

  1. As discussed, the first bucket is that of kitchen cabinets and finishing materials. There’s an enormous, seemingly infinite number of surface looks available, so this part of your budget can take many forms. Don’t believe us? Stroll into some kitchen showrooms and ask to see the tags on Italian lacquer cabinets, followed by the much-less-pricey shaker-style cabinets. Go on. We’ll wait.
  2. Then there’s piping, of both the gas and plumbing varieties. If you’re planning to reorient your faucet or oven situation, or if you need home repairs on an pre-war kitchen with rusted guts, you can expect to devote a portion of your budget to pipes alone. Think of these types of changes as altering your home’s circulatory system. There’s a lot of delicate engineering that needs to take place.
  3. And three: architectural changes. If you’re dying for an open kitchen, or any other type of structural alteration, expect to give those changes their own line on the budget spreadsheet.

Expenses: Expect the Unexpected

So, we know that sledgehammering a new layout, and moving the stove onto the ceiling, is going to cost us. And we’re all prepared to pay more for marble than laminate. But what kinds of costs can be surprising?

One set of costs will sound familiar to most New Yorkers: parking and parking tickets. Delivering bulky truckloads of material via narrow, historic cobblestone streets means maneuvering one’s way into tiny spots--and sometimes, unfortunately, maneuvering one’s way into tickets. And while Gallery contractors never intend to get tickets, the fact is, sometimes it happens.

And then there’s the issue of building hours. If you live in a private home, remodeling could cost less (and take less time) than it would if you live in a shared building. That’s because condo associations, co-op boards, and Hogwarts RAs have strict rules about when the actual build can take place. Some bar general contractors from working on certain holidays, or making noise past a certain time of night. If the team needs to devise a special schedule, renovation costs could reflect that shift.

The 3 Best Ways to Save Money

Skimping on long-needed gas line repairs? Not so smart.

Choosing a functional, attractive fridge over its time-traveling, ice-sculpting, frozen yogurt-dispensing counterpart? Very smart.$15,000 refrigerators are nice, and a $10,000 oven will definitely make your Instagram followers jealous. But reasonably-priced appliances tend to work just as well. If you need some guidance, the Gallery team will happily help you decode catalogs and kitchen showrooms. But with a little Googling and a little price-comparing, it’s actually pretty easy to find appliances perfectly suited to your household’s needs.

If you’ve been paying attention, you can probably guess this next one: kitchen cabinets. There are three factors that drive most of the price differences here: materials, customization (full custom, semi-custom, stock), and brand name.

Yup, brand name. In fact, Gallery Kitchen & Bath carries one particular Canadian brand whose cabinets have a much lower price point than similar ones from certain European vendors. “If you were to put the two products side by side,” says Gallery CEO Aaron, “it is nearly impossible to tell the difference until you look at the price tag. Not to say that the Canadian company is cheap--it is not--but compared to the European companies, it is a significant savings.”

The third way you can save on house remodeling? The people. Some architects also act as interior designers, and their services are very expensive. If you’re not making significant, house-quaking changes to your kitchen layout, however, you don’t need an architect. Instead, you simply need general contractors who are accredited in design.

That’s how Gallery Kitchen & Bath works. Its contractors offer build and design services alike, so you can work (and save) with them from the Pinterest stage all the way up through the finishing moments. Contact them today for a consultation.