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Spring 2018’s Most Exciting Home Design and Home Renovation Trends

Spring: it’s sprung. Shake off the cobwebs and let your creative side bloom with these home decor predictions that have us rethinking everything.

Home renovations are generally designed to be permanent (or at least permanent-ish, depending on the homeowner’s goals), so many don’t use their house renovations as a chance to consciously celebrate seasonal trends.

But there are plenty of subtle bath and kitchen design changes that can incorporate the latest design innovations while still feeling timeless. And, once the dust has settled and the kitchen island has been installed, accessories and furniture provide more opportunities to play with home decor. Here are the trends we’re most excited for for spring 2018.

Minimalist kitchens

Minimalism has been very in for the past few years, and though it’s a favorite of this decade, it’s got a lot of perennial charm. Functional, clean spaces that allow the eye, and the mind, to wander uninterrupted? What’s not to love?

Last year, the minimalist movement crept into kitchens, where open shelving grew in popularity and decorations fell off the walls. This year, expect to see an extension of this commitment to simple kitchen design. Even lighting will lower its profile, receding into walls and creating smooth silhouettes with modern fixtures. Many kitchens will incorporate the color/texture pairing of wood and white, a combo that keeps many a monochromatic palette feeling cozy instead of clinical.

The best part about minimalism? Unlike the feather hair extensions of 2010, this trend involves stripping away, rather than buying more stuff. Marie Kondo would be proud.

Material blocking

As seen in this Soho bathroom remodel by Gallery, material blocking is both clean and full of visual interest, the precise lines juxtaposing natural and classic materials to a modern sense of geometry. Spring 2018 sees lots of material blocking, which is an exciting motif to work with in your kitchen and bath renovations. Color and texture blocking, which Gallery used in this Red Hook, Brooklyn kitchen remodel, has a similar effect.

If you’re not planning a bathroom remodel or a kitchen renovation, try material blocking in other ways. Toss in throw pillows, lampshades, and shower curtains with color and pattern blocking. Choose a contrasting paint color, or even a wallpaper, for your wainscoting. Purchase a butcher block or a freestanding kitchen island that’s all wood if your kitchen is largely steel. (You can test that look by checking out Gallery’s Inwood kitchen ideas, which include pairing stainless steel and glossy quartz with wood kitchen cabinets.)


Metallics are never out, but we forecast some extra glinty goodness this spring. If you don’t want to go to glam or sterile, consider pairing metal elements with a warmer texture. (Material blocking, anyone?)

Or, incorporate metallic accessories. As this Greenwich village kitchen home improvement, even the subtlest metal flecks can have a big impact. Screw antique gold knobs into your cabinets and drawers for a dose of some Marie Antoinette goodness; select a Mid-Century Modern sofa with tapered, brass legs; nestle your bathroom mirror in a polished chrome frame.

Eccentric extras

Bathroom showrooms, kitchen showrooms, and home design catalogs are showcasing plenty of quirky wares these days, from polka dot animal figurines to pillows scrawled with pithy mini-manifestos.

A fresh, newly renovated kitchen or bathroom is the perfect venue in which spotlight travel souvenirs, hilarious art pieces, and fun home photography projects. Add some open shelving or commission a custom recess, and you’ve got extra spots for those special pieces.

Or, go big, and fold your eccentric side into the house remodel project itself. Go for the loudest backsplash you can, ask for a wild shower wall, or install some crown molding that shows off the fanciest facets of your personality.

For more trend talk, schedule a consultation with Gallery Kitchen & Bath.