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Data Protection at Gallery Kitchen & Bath

Some information pertaining to the careful protection of your privacy and complete confidentiality when handling your data:

In principle, you may visit our website without informing us of your identity. As a user you remain completely anonymous. The only technical data of which we become cognizant is, for example, the name of your internet provider, the website from which you visit and the websites which you visit on

When collecting personal data, with regard to all data-processing transactions (e.g. collecting, processing and transmitting) we proceed in accordance with the prevailing statutory provisions. All the data which is necessary for a business transaction is saved and only communicated to the requisite extent to selected service providers which we have commissioned. These service providers do not store your data for their own business purposes. Your address and order data are merely collected and processed for our marketing purposes. Obviously, you may, at any time, lodge an objection against the utilization, processing and transmission of your personal data for marketing purposes by sending an informal notification to [email protected] or via our contact form. However, this does not apply to the data which is necessary for the purpose of executing your order. In the event that you should have subscribed to the Gallery KBNY newsletter you may cancel this subscription in each issue of the newsletter.

With your data, we provide you with an even higher level of protection

Prior to transmission and processing, your data is encrypted in order to guard you against abuse.

We do not communicate your data to any third parties

We very much appreciate the trust which you place in us. For this reason, your protection-worthy interests always rank first at our organization. For your own protection, for the purpose of credit and reservation checks we may, for the duration of the customer relationship, communicate address and credit data to other mail order and service companies. Such data is only communicated within the framework of the prevailing legislation and affording consideration to your protection-worthy interests in the preclusion of data transmission and utilization.

Use of cookies

For the purpose of enhancing the quality and structure of our website we utilize cookies in order to facilitate user-oriented navigation which is as smooth as possible. Cookies are small text files which your browser accepts and stores on your computer when you visit insofar as you permit this to be undertaken and your browser is enabled to do so.

Limited to the duration of your visit we set so-called session cookies. These serve the purpose of noting which products are viewed or placed in the shopping basket during a visit to They additionally increase your security while surfing. If you exit or refrain from clicking for a period of time these short-lived cookies are deleted.

Cookies cannot cause any damage to your PC. They do not pose a security risk in the sense of viruses or spyware. You yourself regulate how cookies are handled. To admit, reject, view and delete cookies please consult your browser’s help function.

Questions pertaining to data protection

Please address any questions which you may have regarding our data protection standards to our Customer Service Department. It can be contacted via an email to [email protected] or by telephone at 718-690-3840

Revisions to the data protection standards

In the event that, in future, a revision to these data protection standards should be necessary you will be able to view the current status at this location at any time.




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