NYC Construction and Renovation Site Management Services

At Gallery, our full-service design-build approach includes construction and site management built into every one of our renovations. Before hammers even hit the wall, our seasoned project managers oversee every aspect of your renovation. These multifaceted specialists provide proactive technical advice for designers during the planning phase, then grab the wheel once construction begins, successfully steering your project towards dream home status, while avoiding unnecessary change orders and delays along the way.

Pre-war apartment renovations NYC

Our Expertise in NYC Construction

With so many moving parts to the various types of residential renovations in New York City, your renovated home is only flawless as the execution and quality control. This is the case whether your project is particular as a powder room remodel or significant as a three story pre-war townhouse renovation. With so many variables to anticipate, we pride ourselves on being equipped to manage the various complexities that come with renovating the various building types that make up our magnificent city.

Pre-war apartment renovation Manhattan

Co-Op & Condo Renovation Contractors In NYC

Renovating condos or co-ops in NYC means added considerations and extra red tape. That’s where we come in. We’ll handle all communication with your board, manage alteration agreements and accommodate any wet over dry restrictions, adeptly handling all regulatory requirements. We foster strong relationships with building supers to facilitate a smooth working environment, and prioritize communication and collaboration to deliver stunning, functional homes while adhering to all safety standards and regulatory guidelines.

Learn more about our condo and co-op renovations or view our portfolio of condo and co-op renovations in NYC.

Loft Renovation Experts In New York City

With clients throughout areas like SoHo and Tribeca, we specialize in managing the unique challenges of renovating NYC lofts. These spacious homes have a rich history tied to industrial roots, which means we’re often faced with handling particulars rarely seen in other building types. We approach these challenges by partnering our design team and construction managers early in the planning process to blend their expertise and find creative solutions with practical appeal, whether we’re configuring space smartly around columns or brainstorming ways to keep those sky-high ceilings intact while adding modern amenities. Once the design is ready to be implemented, our site management expertise handles everything from technical aspects prior during demo to design details amidst our final punch-list phase.

Learn more about our loft renovations or view our portfolio of loft renovations in NYC.

Pre-War Renovations In NYC

Surprises when renovating a NYC apartment are common, but the chances issues arise during renovation of a pre-war property are significantly higher. Due to their age, these seasoned properties typically have extensive owner history spanning 100 years-plus, making questionable handyman work or outdated materials likely and pre-reno inspections a must. To accommodate, our in-house team of project liaisons handles inspections, permits, and testing on our clients’ behalf, as all specifics are then executed by the respective project manager to ensure LPC preservation requirements are met and the historic details that make your home unique become illuminated amongst modern features.

Learn more about our pre-war renovations or view our portfolio of pre-war renovations in NYC.

Townhouse & Brownstone Renovations In NYC

Similar to pre-war renovations, townhomes and brownstones require significant work when renovating, due to their extensive lifespan and potential for underlying issues. With certain townhouses and brownstones in NYC dating back to the early 1830s, many homes we renovate have been updated several times over before coming to us, often without proper oversight from agencies like the Department of Buildings. As a result, new buyers looking to gut renovate their townhome uncover disjointed elements, insufficient electrical, outdated plumbing, and asbestos lining the interior of their walls. To uncover such issues, our project management team walks all of our spaces prior to design, probing as needed to identify underlying issues and working with our project liaisons to create a plan to rectify - all before finally guiding efforts to rebuild appropriately as our clients best see fit. 

Learn more about our full-service townhouse renovations in NYC or view our portfolio of townhouse renovations in NYC.

Apartment Combinations In NYC

Combining two NYC apartments presents numerous challenges, highlighting the critical role of effective construction and site management for a smooth process. From navigating building board approvals to understanding wet over dry restrictions, each step demands meticulous attention. These include limits on relocating utilities like bathrooms and kitchens, along with complexities related to maintaining multiple entrances to comply with fire codes and optimizing interior staircase dimensions. Furthermore, such projects entail extensive planning and construction phases, typically spanning 5-6 months for planning and 5-7 months for construction, with costs varying based on floor-plan reconfigurations and pre-existing site conditions.

Learn more about apartment combinations or view our portfolio of apartment combinations in New York City.

Pre-war apartment renovation Manhattan

Comprehensive Site Management Services

Our NYC construction and renovation site management services encompass a full spectrum of essential offerings, each meticulously tailored to contribute to the seamless success of your project. From initial project planning to meticulous safety management, compliance checks, and on-site supervision, we ensure every aspect of your NYC renovation is expertly managed for optimal outcomes.

Pre-war apartment renovation New York City
Pre-war condo renovation New York City

Tailored Project Planning and Execution

Our NYC construction and renovation site management services specialize in crafting customized project plans that precisely meet our clients' unique needs and project requirements. From inception to execution, our process is streamlined to ensure seamless progress while addressing the specific logistical and regulatory challenges of NYC.

  • Customized Plans: We collaborate closely with clients to understand their vision, budget, and timeline, tailoring project plans accordingly to reflect a full and comprehensive renovation.
  • Process Overview: Our project planning begins with a comprehensive consultation, followed by site assessments and feasibility studies to identify potential challenges and opportunities. Detailed project plans are then developed, outlining every aspect of the construction process. View our design-build process in full.
  • Logistical and Regulatory Considerations: We navigate NYC's complex regulatory landscape with expertise, ensuring that every aspect of our project plans complies with local building codes, zoning regulations, and permit requirements.
  • Tools and Technologies: With routine updates for clients via our BuilderTrend app, we streamline communication, track progress, and manage resources effectively to ensure all nuances of the project are made in conjunction with the client.
Pre-war apartment renovation NYC

Safety Management

At our NYC construction and renovation site management services, safety reigns supreme. We're dedicated to raising the bar in safety practices, ensuring meticulous care in every renovation. From customized protocols to proactive risk assessments, we prioritize creating a secure work environment. Here, we'll dig into our unique safety measures, safeguarding the well-being of our team and partners throughout each project.

  • Customized Safety Protocols: Our safety management process includes customized protocols tailored to the specific needs of each project, ensuring thorough compliance with industry standards and regulations.
  • Proactive Risk Assessments: We conduct proactive risk assessments and detailed site inspections at regular intervals, employing advanced techniques and technology to identify and mitigate potential hazards before they escalate.
  • Interactive Training Workshops: Going beyond standard safety training, we organize interactive workshops and simulations that actively engage workers and subcontractors, fostering a deeper understanding of safety protocols and promoting a culture of vigilance.
  • Collaborative Safety Culture: We foster a collaborative safety culture where open communication and feedback are encouraged at all levels, empowering every team member to actively contribute to the ongoing improvement of safety practices and procedures.

Compliance Checks

Accommodating all regulations and compliance standards for New York City renovations is far from light work. That’s why we relieve our clients of dealing with the complexities of local building codes, zoning laws, and safety regulations for their NYC renovation. With our proactive approach, we implement standardized checks and balances into every renovation involving regular site inspections and thorough assessments to ensure that every aspect of your project is in full compliance with regulatory requirements. With this proactive stance, our clients earn immediate peace of mind, allowing them to focus on their vision while we handle the complexities of NYC renovation regulations.

Pre-war kitchen reno New York City
Pre-war kitchen renovation Manhattan

Why Choose Gallery KBNY?

With strong construction and project management being so essential to renovations in NYC, the benefits of working with an all-inclusive design-build approach become clear. With a thorough grasp of the city's unique challenges and a dedication to exquisite outcomes, we seamlessly blend construction know-how with project management finesse, guaranteeing a smooth journey from start to finish.

Pre-war kitchen renovation New York City

All Renovation Services Under One Roof

Strong communication is essential to a successful renovation, which is why each project is assigned a dedicated team with one central and main point of contact. Learn more About Gallery and our team.

Extensive Planning To Avoid Unexpected Costs/Delays

With a full-service team of design and construction professionals accustomed to the complexities of NYC renovations, our proactive approach and dedication to identifying issues ahead of time make change orders and mid-project budget adjustments much less likely.

Licensed Contractors In New York City

We are fully licensed with the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs and the New York City Department of Buildings. We also carry lead-safe and Occupational Safety and Health Administration certifications, as well as all other necessary certifications. Finally, we carry insurance that’s significantly higher than the required limits ($5 million in general liability, $1 million in workers’ compensation, and $3 million in auto).

Examples Of Our New York City Renovations

Pre-war apartment renovation NYC

Full Renovation Of Pre-war Co-op In Manhattan | 1035 5th Avenue

Our recent renovation at 1035 5th Avenue found us in the middle of quintessential Manhattan. Overlooking Central Park, this beautiful Italian Renaissance Palazzo co-op is located on Fifth and 85th street, just down the street from The Met. When our client purchased this 4,000 square foot pre-war property, the space hadn’t been updated in more than 50 years. The vision for this renovation called for a complete design overhaul of the extensive space, while incorporating many of the prior architectural elements and elegant marble accents, while also creating an additional bathroom and powder room. While the results speak for themselves, the client’s glowing praise for our full-service approach went a long way. View full renovation before and after.

Pre-war apartment renovation NYC

Manhattan Condo Renovation At The Chelsea Mercantile | 252 Seventh Ave

In this sizable Manhattan renovation, we overhauled a combined two-unit condo in The Chelsea Mercantile, a 19-story pre-war building in Chelsea. Our clients, a couple with three small children, aimed to blend modern comfort with historic charm in their enlarged 252 Seventh Avenue residence. They sought a more open, functional layout, which required innovative structural planning. Central to the renovation was redefining the kitchen's placement and converting part of the original living area into a new third bedroom. Significant attention was also given to upgrading three bathrooms, with careful consideration of finishes, trims, lighting, and ceilings to enhance the overall living experience. View full renovation before and after.

Helpful Construction & Renovation SIte Management Articles

Build your knowledge further via more in-depth articles on various topics in the NYC construction and renovation site management space from our Design & Renovation blog below:

Pre-war bedroom renovation NYC
Pre-war bedroom renovation NYC

Wrapping Up

Apartment renovations in New York City pose unique challenges, especially with the array of approvals needed and the intricate dynamics involved in older buildings. as additional technical considerations and careful design planning are essential to maintain architectural harmony across eras. When renovating with Gallery, you’re not required to juggle. As a full-service design-build firm in New York City, our integrated approach simplifies the entire design, planning, and renovation process, providing a seamless experience for our clients.




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