If you’re in need of renovating an apartment in New York City, look no further than the sophisticated services of design-and-build firm Gallery Kitchen and Bath. From materials to methods, board approvals to permit requests, we specialize in all aspects of NYC apartment renovations, with an emphasis on streamlining the process and tailoring our approach to your specific needs.

Why renovate your apartment with gallery?

Professional design, from start to finish – that’s The Gallery Way. But what does that really entail? Just about everything, including the kitchen sink – is your style preference farmhouse or undermount? In all seriousness, working with Gallery means working with your own dedicated team to bring your vision to life. We take on all the paperwork in addition to the construction and design – everything is included, always.

Constant, clear communication.

Your own level of involvement is entirely up to you, but you can rest assured that we’ll provide you with as much direct communication as possible. We use Job Tracker, a project management software, to keep you informed and updated. You can view that day’s work, approve material selections, and leave comments with questions or concerns. You know what we know – every step of the way.

Management of entire board & building approval process.

Apartment renovation in New York is a unique skill in that bureaucracy comes more deeply into play when coordinating projects with co-op and condo boards. . Luckily for you, we handle the entire board and building management approval process, from start to finish. That includes taking care of all the permits, including LPC filings for buildings that are designated landmarks.

No change orders – unless you request them.

The reason for this is simple: before we even think about knocking down any walls, we make sure that every single element of the apartment renovation is clearly planned out. You might even say we specialize in anticipating every imaginable need in order to keep the project as seamless as possible. But if you decide on a change, we will always accommodate your needs as efficiently and effectively as possible.

The Types of Apartment Renovation Projects We’ve Completed

Apartment renovations in New York run a range of styles that encompasses not only interior design preferences but building architecture as well. Whether you’re looking to renovate just one room, add an entirely new room, or even combine multiple apartments, we’ve done it all! If making these types of adjustments to your home requires approval from the building or co-op board, we’ll handle that part of the project for you. In certain cases where we deem it necessary, we’ll even petition the board to make changes or exceptions on your behalf.

Combining Apartments for More Space & Better Layouts

If you love your New York apartment and don’t want to leave but dream of more room, what can you do? If an adjacent apartment is available, one option is to combine the two. We’re experts in this process and fluent in how to approach the new layout to account for building codes while providing you with enhanced space and an overall improved home layout. Explore our NYC apartment renovation project in Columbus Circle, in which we combined two one-bedroom units.

Adding Additional Rooms

Your family is growing and you need a new bedroom. The business you started is really taking off and now you need an at-home office. Or maybe you’ve just always wanted a guest room to host friends from out of town. No matter the reason, Gallery is the design-and-build firm you need if your New York apartment renovation requires an additional room. We’re well-versed in all the major types of New York properties, including the various specifications that are unique to each one.

Complete Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations

We wouldn’t be Gallery Kitchen and Bath without our finely honed expertise in complete kitchen renovations and bathroom renovations. In our Greenwich Village apartment renovation project, the space was purchased with the intent of total renovation. We uncovered the original brick walls, updating the flooring, and outfitted the entire space with a traditional-meets-industrial aesthetic. Whether you have a style in mind or need our help guiding you towards your preferences, we are here to bring your dream home to life.

What Do Our Apartment Remodels Include?

Interior Design

At Gallery, we’re proud to include design services within the full scope of your apartment renovation. If you have a sleek contemporary vision in mind, complete with Pinterest boards organized by color palette, texture, and materials, we welcome all the inspiration you send our way. If you’re not quite sure whether transitional or eclectic suits you best, we’re happy to talk you through the process, as we did with the client at our Carroll Gardens bathroom renovation. By reading between conversational lines – a skill we’ve sharpened considerably throughout the years – we were able to pinpoint our client’s preferences, resulting in easy choices for her when presented with options for bathroom floor tiles and shower wall patterns.

Project Management

A project is only as strong as its manager. Without a guiding central force to ensure that all the i’s are dotted and all the t’s are crossed, an apartment renovation can be more challenging than necessary. At Gallery, our emphasis is on streamlined project management. Because we also handle the entire board and building management approval process for you, keeping documents organized and communication thorough is of the utmost importance. Each client is assigned a dedicated liaison, with a focus on paperwork and communication, and each project a dedicated designer/planner, with a focus on the job site, renderings, and the actual build. You don’t have to worry about a thing; we handle it all.

Sourcing Materials

From penny tiles and hardwood for floors to Shaker-style cabinets and quartz countertops for kitchens, our vast experience in sourcing materials is at your disposal when you work with Gallery. If you have specific fixtures and finishes in mind, we’ll do our best to find exact matches. If you need our help guiding you toward the perfect matte fingerprint-proof flat panel cabinets, our custom cabinet makers can craft the pieces your home needs.


Site measurements. Demolition. Construction and installation. All these and more fall under the build portion of what we do, and we’re proud to do it all well. With your liaison providing ongoing communication and your designer/planner hard at work on the ongoing construction, the build process is as seamless as every other aspect of your apartment renovation.

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We’re thrilled that the people of New York consistently choose to work with us. Read our reviews to find out why in detail, such as one client who wrote, “We were very impressed with the quality of the workmanship and the attention paid to the details in our small New York City apartment.” From historic brownstones to open-concept lofts to classic co-op apartments, all the iconic types of New York properties get the same treatment from the team at Gallery. Check out more of our work and contact us to get started on your apartment renovation!




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