Architecture Services New York City

New York City is synonymous with architecture. Built on centuries of multicultural design influence, the Big Apple’s visual charm comes from the diverse mix of boundless building types, endowing everything from cloud-piercing skyscrapers to charming clusters of brownstones. Character is key in NYC, but not only on the exterior.

Architecture Services New York City


Interior design is essential not only to property value but a sense of a beautiful home, peace, and functionality. Anyone looking to renovate their home and maximize their investment is likely considering architecture services in New York City. Architects tasked with maximizing the design of an NYC home should be able to do two things:

Accommodate Client Vision

Our goal is to execute the renovation to expectation, enhancing conceptually whenever possible. Since striving to exceed the standards for New York City architecture and interior renovations is second nature, we’re quite proud to be a consistent recipient of the community Houzz awards in Service and Design. We are equally as proud of the reviews our clients have given to both Houzz and Google, resulting in a combined average of 4.9 stars. You won’t find a full-service interior remodeling contractor better suited to handle your project in Manhattan or Brooklyn, whether your home is a co-op or condo, brownstone or townhome, or loft. Your vision is preserved and enhanced with our expertise in creating homes that are as gorgeous as they are functional.

Design According To Plan

Because of the various building types and their checkered history, every home renovation in New York City comes with unique obstacles. Whether renovating a pre-war apartment, condo, loft, or townhome, testing and planning is essential to a successful home renovation, no matter how exquisite an architect's design renders might look.

As a design-build firm in New York City, our full-service approach includes an in-house architect and design team on every one of our renovation projects. Not only do they drive the design process, they stick with the project until completion, working with our construction team and project managers to ensure the final project matches their blueprints unequivocally. 

How Does A Home Renovation Architect Work In A Design-Build Firm?

People often unwittingly work with a separate designer and architect, or a separate designer and architect and builder. With a design-build architecture firm, multiple relationships become one, ensuring the architectural plans and expectations are never muddled in translation from one contractor to the next. Essentially, a design-build firm performs all the functions of an architecture firm, along with all additional aspects of an interior designer, contractor, and construction manager (Read More: The Pros and Cons of Design-Build vs. Architectural Firms).

Apartment Renovation New York City
Loft Renovation New York City

Below are the overarching steps an architect leads in the design-build process: 

Establish Goals

After an initial consultation is scheduled, the firm’s in-house architect gets an understanding of what the client is looking for and makes recommendations in effort to achieve the optimal layout and design.   

Architectural Drawing/Blueprint & DOB Filings

Most full apartment renovations require architectural plans to be approved by the building reviewing architect along with the NYC Dept of Buildings. As a full service design-build and architecture firm, we take on all architectural drawing/drafting, planning and filings with our award winning in-house design team and architects.

Design Renders

After materials have been sourced, the architect creates life-like digital renderings of what the completed space will look like. This includes every aspect of the design, down to the cabinet color and hardware. These high-end renderings provide a visual accompaniment to the blueprint that guides construction. For reference, this kitchen image is actually a design render for an upcoming project on Adams St in Brooklyn.

Apartment Renovation Render New York City
Condo Renovation New York City

Residential Renovation Experts Throughout New York City

Our architectural expertise covers most residential building types throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn:

- Lofts
- Condos & Co-Op
- Brownstones
- Townhomes
- Pre-War Apartments
- Apartment Combinations

The Benefits of Working With A Design-Build Firm For Architecture Services

Streamlined Communication

For a client going the traditional design-bid-build route, coordinating multiple contractors and making sure the right conversations are taking place proactively is far from easy. With a design-build firm, all aspects of the renovation are handled by the same team and understanding project progress is one phone call away. 

Minimized Risk

During a design-bid-build renovation, the contracted architect should transition the renovation seamlessly to the build contractor and oversee their work to completion in order to ensure design plans are 100% met. Yet, this type of smooth transition is rare. Instead, architects often hand-off the plan and leave implementation of their design solely in the hands of contractors - resulting in lack of communication between parties and more room for error. 

At Gallery, our in-house architects monitor the entire project, communicating as needed with our builders to be certain all specifications are met and no issues arise due to miscommunication.

Increased Quality

Renovations in New York City require extreme attention to detail. When all parties involved are working in tandem and not in siloes, everyone is on the same page and optimal results are in order.

Board Approval And Permit Pros

Beyond the architectural and additional services required within a NYC apartment renovation, we also take on the responsibility of handling all red tape involved in a reno, at no additional cost. This includes filing all relevant architectural plans with the Department Of Buildings, reviewing and satisfying a condo board’s alteration agreement, and procurement of all necessary permits. We also handle all home inspections, plus LPC approvals and requirements.

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Why Choose Gallery?

If you work with a design-build architecture firm like Gallery KBNY, rest easy knowing our architecture services provide both beautiful interiors and peace of mind. We plan, design, and execute all of our NYC renovations with client care front and center. To see for yourself, learn more about Gallery, explore a portfolio of our work, or contact us to take the next step towards your renovation goals.




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