Anyone working on any type of bathroom, kitchen, or interior renovation in New York knows that in the process you’ll be faced with filling out all kinds of paperwork and permits. At Gallery, we handle that tedious legwork on your behalf.

We Handle The Red Tape For All Of Our New York City Renovations

We take on the responsibility of handling all the red tape involved in your renovation project, whether we’re renovating a brownstone in Brooklyn or loft in Manhattan. This includes reviewing and satisfying your board’s alteration agreement, filing all relevant architectural plans with the Department of Buildings, and procurement of all necessary permits. If the apartment or home is located on a landmarked street, then the Landmark Preservation Commission is an additional layer that must be navigated – which we will happily do on your behalf. If exterior renovation work is required on your landmarked home, LPC approval is needed for that as well. We’ll handle that. If exterior work is not required on your landmarked home, we still need to obtain a “Letter of no effect” from the LPC in order to proceed. Surprise, we handle that too.




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