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You love your New York City loft, but you’re not totally in love with the design and layout. The space is desperately in need of a renovation, but you have no idea where to begin – you just know something has to change. Enter Gallery KBNY. As experts in loft renovation in NYC, we make the most of high-end, engaging spaces with historic charm and untouchable ceilings. We're committed to craftsmanship and impart each loft renovation with our expert blend of architectural and design know-how. With Gallery, value and customer satisfaction are the bottom line.


We rely on The Gallery Way, which is our core belief in a full-scale, all-inclusive approach to your renovation project. We hit the ground running as soon as our working relationship begins to ensure that all elements of your loft renovation get the thoughtful care they deserve.

We oversee and administer all aspects of the project.

First and foremost is our focus on entirely all-inclusive services. The best way to seamlessly plan, design, and execute a loft renovation is to handle every single aspect. As a turnkey, full-service design and build firm, we do it all: architectural drafting, project management, interior design, communicating with co-op/condo boards and building management, permit procurement, material purchasing– everything.

We value communication.

One of our core principles is to keep an open line of communication at all times. That goes for you, the client, as well as every member of our team working on the project. We do this by offering online project management systems to track all the steps of the job, material selections or questions, and anything else to discuss, as well as good old-fashioned site visits and phone calls.

We don’t do change orders.

Unless, of course, you’ve requested a change. We will always accommodate your needs. But our goal is to anticipate every component of the project in advance so that no change orders are ever needed. We make a sincere effort to imagine all angles of a loft renovation before we take the first step so that no surprises trip us up later on.

We're ready to work on your upcoming loft renovation. Contact us to discuss your project and how we can help.

Specific Challenges With Renovating NYC Lofts

Lofts are as synonymous with New York City as a certain round red fruit, especially in SoHo, a neighborhood known to this day for its cast-iron commercial residential buildings. Originally a retail hub, Soho eventually became a manufacturing and commercial zone, in no small part due to the Industrial Revolution. The commercial lofts within these spaces were bursting with laborers creating textiles, fashion accessories, and other goods. This era gave lofts the industrial flair they are still associated with today.

Around the middle of the century, manufacturing slowed down and the lofts were abandoned. Preservationists, architects, artists, and historians saved the lofts and cast-iron buildings from destruction – in 1973 SoHo’s Cast Iron District was designated a historic district by New York City’s Landmarks Preservation Commission – but they were not necessarily maintained. Throughout the ‘70s, artists began to move in – hence the creative, artistic association that lofts now have.

With the boom in New York real estate and inevitable changes that further modernity brings, many SoHo lofts are now full-blown residential spaces, and lofts have become a popular format for newly built apartments to mimic as well. Harkening back to their original industrial usage, lofts are distinguished by very tall ceilings held up by sturdy (often cast iron) columns, industrial-heavy wooden floors, totally open rooms, and exceptionally large windows. They were also quite drafty, didn’t hold sound well, and often lacked basic amenities for living like kitchens or even running water – all of which brings us to our challenges.

The presence of columns.

Because many NYC lofts were built with thick columns to support the tall ceilings, their modern vestiges often present challenges. If your kitchen area has a column, you have to consider where to place the appliances and other furnishings so that the column does not get in the way. With limited space for movement, this is an important consideration.

The tall ceilings.

Tall ceilings are easily one of the most distinctive loft features. Often quite beautiful, they bring a sense of grandeur and enhance openness. It’s little wonder that many people who are renovating their lofts want to preserve the tall ceilings. But that desire to preserve the original feel can present architectural challenges depending on the other needs of the space.

The history of NYC lofts.

As you know by now if you didn’t already, lofts were originally not equipped for residential use. Depending on the situation of your particular loft, there may be certain needs or additions that spaces that have always been residential wouldn’t require. One such potential need is an HVAC system. If your loft is in a historic building that qualifies as a landmark, that also presents another challenge as landmarked renovations must hew very closely to guidelines set forth by the Landmarks Preservation Commission.

How Does Gallery Approach These Challenges?

We specialize in renovating NYC lofts and the specific challenges that are par for the course. Not only will you and your loft benefit from our craftsmanship and overall quality of our work, but you can also rest easy knowing that we’re entirely equipped to approach everything from outdated systems to maintaining the classic loft vibe.

We configure lofts to keep the space around columns clear.

Columns are a crucial component to sustain a loft’s industrial charm. We always work with the existing columns in loft spaces to ensure that they will not obstruct the activity that goes on around them. If your columns are in the living room, we’ll consider how the seating will be laid out. If your columns are in the kitchen, we’ll consider how the kitchen cabinets swing.

We explore all the possibilities to maintain tall ceilings.

One of the most beloved components of lofts is their exceptionally tall ceilings. If your loft requires some technical additions, such as an HVAC system, we will find or build the ideal space to stash the air handler so it doesn’t have to use up any precious ceiling space. One common solution for this is lower only the bathroom ceilings and placing the air handler there, as ceiling height will not be missed in a bathroom the same way it would everywhere else in the home.

We have expertise in all elements of loft renovations.

From outdoor architecture to interior design to the historical considerations, we bring our full-circle expertise to every aspect of a loft renovation. We’re experts in technical matters and masters of methods. We also employ digital platforms to manage all the moving parts so that communication between our team, as well as communication with you, never falters.

Find out more about how we address specific challenges with unique solutions at this behind-the-scenes look at one of our Soho loft renovations.

Interior Design & More for Our Loft Remodels

A major component of our end-to-end approach is the fact that we include interior design in our scope of work. If you have a particular aesthetic in mind, we’ll imbue your home with it. If you’re not sure how you want the space to look, we’ll ask the right questions to draw it out of you. Our expertise in the visual elements of the renovation is as thorough as our architectural services and project management.

We understand loft interior design.

When it comes to renovating loft interiors, the most common design goal is to create a contemporary, airy space that plays well with the natural openness of lofts while at the same time touching on some industrial elements, such as exposed brick walls or ductwork. If your goal is to incorporate the historicity and culture of your neighborhood, we know exactly what makes Park Slope different from Tribeca.

Loft Renovation Options

Our loft renovation options are unlimited, meaning clients ultimately decide their needs based on preliminary design discussions. For example, a full loft renovation in NYC may include:

  • Integrated Smart Home Technology
  • Full Kitchen Renovation (Fixtures, Appliances, Countertops, Backsplash, Island)
  • Multiple Bathroom Renovation (Fixtures, Shower/Bath, Vanity, Tiling & Ceramics)
  • Hardwood Flooring and/or Carpet Installation
  • Pre-War Restoration (Flooring, Framing, Moulding)
  • Custom Window Treatments + Fabrication/Installation
  • Paint Color + Wall Covering
  • Lighting + Electrical Fixture
  • Custom Carpentry (Cabinets, Closet Builds, Millwork, Finish Carpentry)
  • Plumbing Selections

Licensed Contractors In New York City

When renovating your loft with Gallery, rest assured you’re in good hands. We are fully licensed with the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs and the New York City Department of Buildings. We also carry lead-safe and Occupational Safety and Health Administration certifications, as well as all other necessary certifications. Finally, we carry insurance that’s significantly higher than the required limits ($5 million in general liability, $1 million in workers’ compensation, and $3 million in auto).


Our specialty is full-scale gut renovations of lofts in Manhattan and Brooklyn, among many other types of residential renovations in NYC. We do it all: bathrooms, kitchens, open concept living spaces, and everything in between. But don’t just take our word for it – browse our portfolio of NYC loft renovations, then see What Our Clients Are Saying, first-hand. Learn more about Gallery KBNY, explore more design inspiration via our blog, or contact us to start your renovation process.




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