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Find answers to priority questions regarding our award-winning and full-service, design-build firm in New York City.

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Process FAQs

Does Gallery Handle The Entire Renovation?

Yes. We handle the entire process start to finish, from architectural services, permits, and board approval to interior design, material procurement, project management and construction.

Does Gallery Charge For Design Or Architectural Work?

As an all-inclusive design-build firm in New York City, our interior design and architectural services are a value add within all of our end-to-end renovations.

Does Gallery Renovate More Than Kitchen & Bathrooms?

Yes. We are an interior renovation contractor with a full-service design-build approach. We renovate every aspect of interior work in all types of residential renovations in New York, from condos/co-ops and lofts to brownstones and townhomes. We’re experts in renovating pre-war homes, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, dining areas, flooring, sourcing custom pieces, building entirely new rooms (or even balconies), millwork, and all that falls in between. 

How Does A Home Renovation Architect Work In A Design-Build Firm?

People often unwittingly work with a separate designer and architect, or a separate designer and architect and builder. With a design-build firm that has built-in architectural services, multiple relationships become one, ensuring architectural plans and expectations are never muddled in translation from one contractor to the next. Essentially, a design-build firm performs all the functions of an architecture firm, along with all additional aspects of an interior designer, contractor, and construction manager. (Read: The Pros and Cons of Design-Build vs. Architectural Firms)

Design-Build Vs Design-Bid-Build: What’s The Difference?

At their core, the main difference between design-build vs design-bid-build is that the design-build offers a full-service, all-inclusive renovation package for homeowners who value a partner with one main point of contact to oversee the entire process, whereas design-bid-build delivers a more piecemeal approach that allows for more flexibility. For more detail, read our full breakdown on the two approaches to NYC contractors here.

Does Gallery Only Work With Specific Brands?

No. We are brand-agnostic and we don’t limit your selections to what we carry in our design studio. Our team can procure any item from anywhere at no additional cost, and we pass our trade pricing to you.

Does Gallery's Process Typically Include Change Orders?

We take time up front to ensure the contract is inclusive and considers not just the requirements you're asking for, but potential requirements from the city and building we’re working in. This allows us to adhere to a project schedule that meets everyone’s expectations - effectively eliminating change orders along the way. Learn more about how to avoid change orders when renovating in New York City.

Is Gallery Licensed And Insured?

Yes. We are fully licensed with the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs and the New York City Department of Buildings. We also carry lead-safe and Occupational Safety and Health Administration certifications, as well as all other necessary certifications. Finally, we carry insurance that’s significantly higher than the required limits ($5 million in general liability, $1 million in workers’ compensation, and $3 million in auto).

Cost FAQs

What Can I Expect In Regard To My Project’s Final Cost?

Every project is different — there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. However, the average cost for an apartment renovation in NYC is $250-300 per square foot (including labor and mid-range materials), while more complex gut renovations run around $400 to $500 per square foot and all the way to $600 to 800 per square foot in all custom, ultra luxury renovations. For a two bedroom NYC apartment around 800-1000 feet, expect to pay around $250,000 to $350,00 total to remodel the full space (two bedrooms, two baths, kitchen, living area) with mid-range to upper-mid tier finishes via a full-service design-build contractor.

For more info on NYC renovation costs, see the following selections from our Renovation & Design Blog:

Does Gallery Have A Project Minimum?

Yes: $250,000.

timeline FAQs

How Long Does A Typical Full Interior Renovation Project Take?

Although the timelines vary between projects, the average entire apartment renovation takes around 16-20 weeks. Read more here.

How Long Does A Typical Kitchen Renovation Take?

Four to six weeks. Read more here.

How Long Does A Typical Bathroom Renovation Take?

Three to four weeks. However, we only do single bathroom projects as part of larger interior renovations. Find out more here.

Does Gallery Have References Or Reviews I Can Read?

Of course. Our clients are our biggest advocates, and we’re lucky to have received five-star ratings on Houzz and Google with almost 100 total reviews. We also have several examples of our projects in the Our Work section of our website.




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