Have you recently purchased an apartment, loft or condo in New York with intentions of creating your dream home? Is your current residence in need of a modern touch? At Gallery, our NYC interior design expertise comes built into our full-service design-build approach, which covers everything from space planning, interior design, architectural services, material sourcing and procurement, building management and board approvals, plus construction and project management.

Types of Properties We Design

As a firm renovating NYC, we relish the realm of design possibilities every new project presents. We believe every property type tells a unique story and our interior design services transcend conventional boundaries, embracing the diverse character of New York City living. Whether working within the classic charm of townhomes and brownstones, the urban sophistication of condos and co-ops, the modern allure of lofts, or the timeless elegance of pre-war apartments, we tailor our creative vision to match the distinctive essence of each space in ways that meet the specific needs of our clients.

Apartment Renovations: Accentuating Everyday NYC Living

Whether home is a modern apartment in DUMBO or a century-old pre-war on the UES, Gallery specializes in amplifying NYC charm, infusing functionality and aesthetics in apartments throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan. Our interior design expertise within NYC apartments is finely attuned to the unique demands of big city life—thoughtfully optimizing space, enhancing natural light, and curating layouts that harmonize with the hustle and bustle outside. Our proficiency in pre-war renovations further solidifies our dedication to preserving the rich architectural heritage of NYC apartments, merging classic elements with contemporary design concepts, breathing new life into these spaces while retaining their historical allure. For more, read Identifying & Accentuating Pre-War Apartment Details With Interior Design.

Manhattan kitchen renovation

Pre-War Apartment Renovation Example: 91 Central Park West 

A recent project found us renovating a beautiful pre-war co-op apartment at 91 Central Park West. The building, built in 1929, was designed by famed NYC architectural firm Schwartz & Gross, whose work also includes The Mark Hotel and many of the Neo-Renaissance residential buildings along Fifth Avenue, Park Avenue, and Central Park West. Our client purchased the unit in solid shape but the unique layout required quite a bit of ingenuity to meet their specific needs which prioritized a commercial-quality kitchen, enhanced office space, along with various other interior design elements that required a refresh. View this project and more via our full portfolio of apartment renovations in NYC

Loft Renovations: Inspiring Living Spaces with Contemporary Flair

At Gallery, we embrace the unique allure of loft living, where expansive, open layouts and soaring ceilings beckon for innovative design solutions. Our approach to interior design for NYC lofts is a harmonious blend of creativity and precision, meticulously tailored to accentuate the distinct features of each unique space. We understand these priority properties require a keen eye for detail and an understanding of how to seamlessly integrate functional elements while preserving the loft's inherent spaciousness and industrial charm. That’s why we strive for a delicate design balance between enhancing the architectural integrity of these spaces and infusing them with contemporary flair.

Manhattan kitchen renovation

Loft Renovation Example: 419 West 55th

For this classic NYC loft renovation in Hell’s Kitchen, Gallery’s main task was to renovate the large open kitchen and dining area. The clients like to entertain, so in addition to remodeling the aesthetic, we expanded the footprint of the island and built an entirely new bar at the opposite end of the kitchen. Some design choices are a natural fit for the space and in this case, that meant leaning into the industrial vibe of the exposed concrete while introducing character with our material choices. View this project and more via our full portfolio of loft renovations in NYC.

Condo Renovations: Elevating Modern Interiors with Seamless Elegance

Condos and co-ops remain as maybe the most prominent style of residential living in New York City. At Gallery, we understand the unique demands for renovating these often co-managed abodes, where space optimization and modern elegance are paramount. Our full-service design-build approach is meticulously crafted to address these challenges, seamlessly elevating condo interiors to an exquisite level of sophistication, while abiding by any rules or restrictions imposed by the building board. From the initial design conceptualization to the final execution, our expert team carefully considers every square foot of your space, ensuring a cohesive and luxurious transformation that harmoniously aligns with the essence of condominium living.

Manhattan kitchen renovation

Condo Renovation Example: 801 West End Ave

When we were enlisted for this co-op renovation on the Upper West Side, the dated pre-war space needed some love. The client recently purchased the Manhattan home near Broadway with the intention of reinvigorating the spacious property without losing the historic character. With a speciality in pre-war renovations in NYC, we were happily up for the challenge. View this project and more via our full portfolio of condo & co-op renovations in NYC.

Townhouse Renovations: Celebrating NYC's Architectural Heritage

At Gallery, we understand the significance of preserving and celebrating the classic design elements of NYC's revered townhouses while breathing new life into these iconic spaces along the way. The grandeur of townhouses, characterized by ornate facades, intricate mouldings, high ceilings, and elegant staircases, serves as the canvas for our creative process. We meticulously enhance these aesthetic elements, seamlessly integrating contemporary design concepts that complement the original charm of your townhouse. Our approach is a delicate balance—evoking a sense of nostalgia while ensuring a modern, luxurious living experience within these architectural gems.

Manhattan kitchen renovation

Townhouse Renovation Example: 529 East 87th

In one of our more notable projects, we had the privilege of revitalizing a historic Yorkville townhouse, with the goal of embracing its inherent elegance. The overall space had been well-maintained, but was dated and didn't necessarily reflect the interior design mindset of our clients. Our goal was to brighten the home with added character alongside modern elements. In addition to a full kitchen renovation, this Manhattan townhouse renovation included implementation of new flooring, retiling and installing new fixtures in the bathroom and powder room, painting the walls, updating the staircase, renovating all the doors and closets, plus updated lighting fixtures throughout. View this project and more via our full portfolio of townhouse renovations in NYC

Brownstone Renovations: Refining Iconic Residences In Manhattan & Brooklyn

Brownstones, the epitome of classic elegance in Manhattan and Brooklyn, present a unique set of design complexities that demand careful consideration and expertise. Our approach to brownstone renovations involves a meticulous transformation, harnessing the essence of these storied structures and weaving in modern design elements. From preserving original woodwork and the intricate exterior facade to maximizing natural light and optimizing spatial layouts, every aspect is carefully curated to honor the soul of the brownstone while rejuvenating the space for contemporary living.

Manhattan kitchen renovation

Brownstone Renovation Example From Carroll Gardens

Brownstones beautiful as those on President Street in Carroll Gardens rarely enter the market. When our client was able to purchase the landmarked beauty they grew up in, they not only jumped on the opportunity, they doubled down with a full gut brownstone renovation that reconfigured the space into a modern, more breathable home for raising their next generation. View this project and more via our full portfolio of townhouse renovations in NYC.

The Benefits of Choosing a Design-Build Firm vs an Interior Designer

Embarking on a transformative journey to enhance your living space raises a pivotal question: should you partner with an individual interior designer or opt for a full-service design-build firm? Each option holds its own set of advantages, but when looking for the most efficient and comprehensive approach, the full-service design-build route may make most sense. Let's delve into the distinctive benefits that come with choosing a design-build firm over the traditional route of engaging a single interior designer.

Brooklyn home renovation
Luxury loft renovation New York City

Congruent Aesthetics From Architecture To Final Touches

Design is in the detail and that’s why our interior designers also help manage our renovations, drafting project blueprints to the exact specifications required to meet the plan mapped out upon initial consultation. Not only do our blueprints account for the finer details, our corresponding 3D design renders provide such a realistic representation of the remodel many clients think they’re real.

Never Design Or Renovate In A Vacuum

By focusing on full interior renovations of various styles of apartments, condos, brownstones and more, we understand the importance of ensuring there is a design symmetry that coexists throughout the home - especially in NYC. Our goal is to ensure a seamless blend between all room aesthetics, so the interior design flows just right.

Full-Service Design & Installation

Design-build firms like ours offer a comprehensive renovation solution encompassing full-service interior design plus seamless installation for your project. From conceptualizing your vision to bringing it to life with precision, we ensure a unified process under one roof. In contrast, individual interior designers primarily focus on design aspects, often necessitating separate contractors or companies for the execution and installation phases.

Manhattan kitchen renovation

The Gallery KBNY Interior Design Process

Have immaculate design ideas, but managing a multi-tier renovation project of your long-time NYC apartment feels like a bit much? Have zero design expertise, but know a more modern touch is needed to the NYC brownstone you just purchased? No matter the circumstance, our team of interior designers are here to help guide your project to success. Let’s review the steps to our interior design process.

Step 1: Interior Design Planning

Design encompasses everything from the actual layout of the floor plan to the more decorative elements that fall under traditional interior design. As an all-inclusive design-build firm in NYC, our specific expertise is in catering to every single design element that could arise in an interior renovation. If you want a better traffic pattern in your kitchen, a specific bathroom tile type, or to turn an unused closet into a washer/dryer room, we can make that happen. At the front of every renovation, our designer works with the client to identify all the finer points of their renovation, understanding where the design priorities are and helping guide their vision to success with as much or little feedback as needed to achieve the most cohesive and functional home design possible.

Step 2: Materials Selection & Procurement

Our design team curates all the finishes and fixtures your project requires – everything from penny tiles in the bathroom to chandeliers for the foyer and the whole world of finishes and fixtures in between. Our project coordinators then procure every selection, while also handling the logistics of material inspection and delivery.

We are not limited in material choices, as we are totally brand agnostic and able to purchase any item from any vendor, anywhere, on your behalf as our client. In fact, with us, you don’t ever need to set foot in a showroom - unless you want to, of course. If you’re stuck at home, we’ll bring material samples right to you. Plus, we always pass our trade discounts to clients.

Step 3: Interior Design Installation

When the interior designer and contractor come from different companies, there’s an added element of uncertainty when finalizing a renovation. Once construction is started, the interior designer’s job is typically done and the design and blueprints are in the hands of the contractor. Not with Gallery. Thanks to our full-service design-build process, our dedicated design specialist manages the entire process from start to finish, ensuring the design exceeds expectations and is seamless from room to room.

Brooklyn home renovation
Luxury loft renovation New York City

Why Choose Gallery As Your Interior Designer in NYC

As a team of designers and builders born and raised in New York, we take pride in helping our city stay immaculate, creating elegant homes our clients can be proud of. If you’re considering a renovation in New York City and looking for the right partner, view our portfolio of NYC apartment renovation before and afters, learn more about Gallery, or contact us today.

We are an award-winning design-build firm in New York City with a full-service approach to renovations in Manhattan and Brooklyn that includes everything from expediting and architecture services to construction and construction management. We’re experts in pre-war apartment renovations, apartment combinations, room creations, full gut renovations and all that falls in between. Let us bring your dream home to life.




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