Material Selection & Procurement

One benefit of working with a full-service design-build firm like Gallery is we remove the guesswork, making home renovations streamlined as possible. We do this by handling all material selection, procurement, and inspection. Learn the details of our material selection and procurement process below, along with factors affecting material selection in construction. 

Faucet for bathroom renovation New York City

Award-Winning Design-Build Firm In New York City

As a full-service design-build firm in NYC that drives our clients’ renovations from start to finish, we are proud recipients of various awards in service and design – six years in a row and counting. Our mission is to maintain a level of service and design that always raises the bar. That's why our clients consistently leave 5-star reviews. From Brooklyn to Manhattan, we apply our expertise to everything from co-ops and condos to lofts and pre-war apartments.

Pre-war bathroom renovation New York City
Pre-war apartment renovation NYC

Material Sourcing

As an all-inclusive design-build firm in New York City we curate all the finishes and fixtures your renovation requires – everything from penny tiles in the bathroom and chandeliers for the foyer to the whole world of finishes and fixtures in between. We are not limited in material choices, as we are brand agnostic and able to purchase any item from any vendor, anywhere, on your behalf. With Gallery, you don’t set foot in a showroom unless desired. If stuck at home, we’ll bring material samples to you.

Material Cost

Material quality and cost are typically the biggest variables in renovation expenses. When considering cost of materials, we let the client decide, making recommendations as needed to ensure the most desirable design possible. We always pass our trade discounts to clients.

Quality Over Brand

Many clients want specific brands, but often don’t consider quality. When choosing brands for essential materials, we always recommend choosing quality over brand name appeal. We not only want our renovations to look beautiful, we want them to stand the test of time.

Account For Availability

Availability of desired materials can often dictate renovation timeline, so we always allow time for delays, in order to avoid project hold-ups 

Pre-war apartment renovation NYC

Procurement & Inspection

Once the materials are secured, our responsibility is a smooth, timely delivery that keeps the renovation on schedule and within budget. There are two key components: 


Our project coordinators procure every selection, while also handling the logistics of material delivery. The heavier the materials, the more they will cost to transport, which is something we consider when purchasing. For instance, if certain materials can not easily be taken up 8 floors of a pre-war apartment building, alternatives are considered up-front. 


As deliveries are made amidst construction, our design liaisons inspect and check-in all materials, making sure there are no design mix-ups, dings, or scratches far in advance of installation - allowing enough time to send back anything, without disrupting the timeline. 

Construction & Installation

Beyond beauty, our material selection also considers all forseen formalities that could throw off the timeline.

Health & Safety

Things tend to get messy during closed-quarter NYC renovations. That’s why we always take added precaution when prepping spaces prior to remodel, thoroughly blocking off rooms with dust barriers and implementing proper ventilation whenever needed to ensure clients don’t have to leave amidst the project. 

Building Compliance

Certain types of NYC buildings require specific materials upon renovation. For instance, in many pre-war buildings, there are enhanced interior waterproofing requirements and moisture-sensing shut-off valves. Many co-op boards require specific sound-proof insulation. Our designers and liaisons keep these restrictions in mind when ordering materials, keeping design in mind and timelines unscathed. 

Pre-war apartment renovation NYC


Do the materials look good? Of course. Are they sustainable? They better be. Performance is among the most important factors affecting material selection in construction.

Structural Support

With major interior renovations that require tearing down walls, such as turning two NYC apartments into one, long-standing structural capability of the building must be considered when choosing materials. The proper selection of materials can limit the dated or excess material use and increase the property’s adaptability for additional uses. 


Certain NYC building codes set minimum required levels of durability for different building elements, a key influence in the material selection up-front. For instance, certain buildings may mandate fire-rated windows, which offer added protection in older pre-war buildings - but can also cost upward of $5,000 per window. 

Some Of Our Favorite Material Selections

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