Combining two apartments in New York City can be an enticing option for a variety of reasons. One of the most common reasons is the cost of purchasing an adjacent apartment and combining it with an existing can be more appealing than the cost of purchasing a new apartment with similar square footage, not to mention the stress of house hunting and moving. There are a number of things anyone considering such a project should be aware of, a blog we wrote on this very topic can provide you with additional details.

This specific apartment combination project in Columbus Circle involved the horizontal combination of an existing one bedroom apartment with a newly purchased one bedroom unit next door. As is common with almost any project involving the adjoining of two apartments, the scope of construction included work being done in both units to ensure a uniform floor and ceiling height and the integration of the electrical system. The scope of work also included a full renovation of a kitchen, in a mid-century Scandinavian design, plus the renovation of a bathroom, new floors, doors, paint, and general carpentry work.


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Combining two apartments in New York City is usually a substantial project, involving the removal of walls and significant electrical work. However it is not just the removal of the wall between the two apartments, but often times the removal of walls within the apartments to repurpose certain rooms and create the desired layout. One of the biggest challenges of removing walls is dealing with the electrical lines running through the walls that have now been removed. In apartments, a electrical lines run through conduits, which connect to outlets and junction boxes. Often times, they feed into an outlet of a different wall – in other words, removing walls along with the electrical lines and junction boxes running through them will usually affect electric supply to another part of the apartment – this was exactly the challenge we had to overcome in dealing with this apartment combination.

Adding to the challenge was not being allowed to channel electrical lines through the floors and the ceiling of both combined units, as is the norm in almost all New York City apartment buildings. In order to successfully integrate both apartments our licensed electricians had to run new circuitry and rewire the apartment in order to feed the new layout. This was a complex project involving a comprehensive electrical plan that called for channeling of walls, running new electric throughout, rebalancing the two circuit breaker boxes, and significant carpentry work once the electrical work was complete.


Our clients were split on what they wanted from the design of their newly combined apartment. On one hand, they were looking for a modern European design, on the other, they were in love with a transitional style shaker cabinet kitchen. In addition, they were looking to contrast this look with a rustic hardwood floor. With a big portion of the budget already being spent on the technical side of their renovation, our design and build team not only needed to provide a design solution that would serve a happy medium, but also source alternative flooring options that accomplish the desired look without fully breaking the bank.

During the design consultation our design team suggested incorporating elements of wood in the kitchen base cabinets and  glossy white flat panel wall cabinets. The combination of the two not only tied the modern European together with the transitional, but it also sparked the mid-century Scandinavian theme throughout the rest of the apartment. With this in mind, our design and build team procured an engineered wood floor at half the cost of what a hardwood floor would cost. Adding to this, we incorporated a barn wood sliding door in the living room, giving our customers the open layout feel they want for when friends and family are over yet being able to also have privacy when needed. combining two apartments in new york city


Combining two apartments in New York City can be a great option with a rewarding experience, but it can also be chaotic if you do not have the right team working on your project. The most effective way to manage a project is to centralize the processes under one roof — and that’s exactly where Gallery Kitchen & Bath brings the most value to our customers. As a design, selection, and build firm that specializes in the renovation of apartments in Manhattan and Brooklyn, we have a wide range of experience working on these projects. And we handle everything so you don’t have to.

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