3 Luxury Kitchen Design Features and Their More Affordable Alternatives

Achieving a luxury kitchen can be challenging without a flexible budget, but it doesn't have to be. Implement these alternative features to keep your kitchen reno manageable & on budget without sacrificing on the design features.

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3 Luxury Kitchen Design Features and Their More Affordable Alternatives

Achieving the luxury kitchen of your dreams can be challenging unless you are working with a very flexible budget, but it does not have to be. Implement these alternative features that will keep your kitchen renovation manageable and on budget without sacrificing on the design features.

You’ll face several challenges when designing and creating the kitchen of your dreams. From choosing among countless luxury kitchen design ideas online to staying within — or as close as possible to — your kitchen renovation budget, those challenges can largely be overcome with help from an all-inclusive, turnkey home improvement firm.

For example, an experienced and full-service design and build firm can help spark more creative aesthetics and design ideas with its previous works that fit your preferred style. It can also help you customize your vision more affordably and with better results than you might be able to achieve on your own.

However, giving you a good idea of how you want your new kitchen to look is only half the battle. The other half is finding and implementing the specific luxury kitchen design features that you want without paying extravagant prices for them all. These are just a few examples of such features and how you can get the best of both worlds (luxury and affordability) by teaming up with a turnkey home improvement firm:

  1. Marble countertops

Marble is a natural, luxurious stone with numerous applications, including high-end counter tops in kitchens and baths. This diversity is what makes marble so appealing as a design feature. Because of marble’s luster and the natural movements within the stone, marble counter tops are almost synonymous with luxury kitchen design.

However, much of that same aesthetic extravagance is found in highly affordable quartz. Much more than just a less expensive kitchen counter top alternative, quartz is manufactured to be more durable than marble, which is soft and susceptible to damage. This means quartz continues to save you money by avoiding the need for costly repairs.

Quartz Countertop

Quartz Counter top

  1. Brand-name appliances

High-end brands like Sub-Zero, Viking, and Wolf have made names for themselves with their stylish finishes, design versatility, and performance. It’s no wonder, then, that many people refuse to budge when it comes to which quality kitchen appliances they choose to include in their new designs.

Those brand names do look and perform impressively, but they aren’t the only appliances that do so. Lesser-known names such as Jenn-Air and Bosch are also known for their high-quality performance, but they don’t come with the same hefty price tags. They’re designed for average homeowner use, and their practicality means they require much less maintenance.

Jenn-Air appliances

Jenn-Air appliances

  1. Custom name-brand cabinetry

The big names in cabinetry are similarly well-known because of their quality, durability, and function. Plus, many manufacturers will custom-design cabinetry for your specific luxury kitchen layout. Your kitchen wouldn’t be so luxurious without high-end finishes to accommodate its unique counter tops and custom appliances.

Fortunately, floating shelves create a customized and stylish alternative to wall cabinets, and plenty of lesser-known brands create traditional luxury kitchen cabinets that they don’t put in flashy showrooms. A resourceful firm will have connections with several such brands and can offer you a variety of styles at a fraction of the price.

Open shelving

Open shelving Assuming that your luxury kitchen has to include the most expensive features is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Finding more cost-effective alternatives might not be easy for the average homeowner. That’s why it’s one of the biggest advantages of working with a full-service design and build firm instead of just a single contractor or designer.




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