Interior Home Renovation Trends Coming & Going in 2021

What’s in and out when it comes to interior home renovation changes with the seasons. Check out our thoughts on interior home renovation trends that are coming and going this year.

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Interior Home Renovation Trends Coming & Going in 2021

What’s in and out when it comes to interior home renovation changes with the seasons. While some elements of design are truly timeless, other trends are destined to become dated.

We’ve spent much of our time since the spring of 2020 looking at the insides of our homes more than we ever thought we even could. Given this, certain trends are pandemic byproducts that may nevertheless outlast their origins. Other trends simply reflect changing attitudes and ideas about how we spend our time at home, such as calming colors and natural accents. 

We’re sharing some of our observations about interior home renovation trends that are coming and going this year. Explore them in depth below.

Incoming Interior Home Renovation Trends

Green Accents

One interior home renovation we’ve seen with our own eyes is the growing use of shades of green appearing in design choices. Blue and navy are still popular with our clients, but green has quickly become a color to watch, even with regard to cabinets! Perhaps this is because green, like blue, is reminiscent of the outdoors, bringing to mind verdant fields, tall pines, and the calming presence of lush greenery. 

Fireclay tiles in emerald or jade are a great way to incorporate these accent colors into kitchens or bathrooms. Pictured below is one of our recent kitchen renovation projects, in which the client went for a bold aquamarine backsplash. Kitchen cabinets are another great place to introduce green into your interior home renovation, in light or dark shades depending on the warmth or coolness of your palette. 

Even More Focus on Kitchens

Another trend that is a byproduct of the pandemic! In 2021 we’re already seeing, and will likely continue to see, an expanded focus on kitchens. With the massive jump in home cooking, people have sought to increase functionality and durability within their kitchens. This runs the gamut from expanding storage to avoiding temperamental materials that may be beautiful but require a great deal of upkeep. In one of our recent projects (pictured below), we built an entire pantry off the kitchen in order to meet the growing needs of our client. 

Home Offices & Multi-Purpose Rooms

The  interior home renovation trend with the clearest link to the pandemic is, of course, the surge of interest in home offices and multi-purpose rooms. The latter is of particular relevance to New Yorkers, who are well-versed in getting as much function as possible out of the smallest spaces. 

The style of home offices will vary, but an emphasis on an overall contemporary vibe with clean lines and minimalist furniture is ideal for office spaces, which thrive on eliminating distractions and keeping one focused. At Gallery, one of our specialties is incorporating built-ins into home renovations, such as bookshelf storage that also functions as a workspace desk, pictured below. Another recent project involved transforming what was once a large closet into a functioning home office that can be easily turned into a guest bedroom, comfortably sleeping one visitor. 

Unique Backsplash Choices

To get a little deeper into kitchen design elements, we’re placing our interior home renovation trend bets on the backsplash. Specifically, we think you’ll be seeing artistic backsplash options, such as more geometric patterns, intriguing tonal choices, and hand-thrown ceramics. The natural variation and one-of-a-kind expression of hand-crafted pieces in particular brings an edge into design, lending itself equally to filling out entire walls and more strategic placement as accent tiles. 

Industrial Chic

In New York lofts – one of our renovation specialties – industrial style is only a stone’s – or should we say brick’s – throw away. This year, it’s all about mixing elements – specifically, wood and metal. In keeping with the gaining prominence of all things natural in home design, industrial chic is also known for exposed brick, tall ceilings, and neutral tones – an elevated expression of the common architecture of lofts. In its latest form, industrial chic expertly combines both traditional and modern elements for interiors that are comfortable to both live and work.

Outgoing Interior Home Renovation Trends

Shiplap Walls

Shiplap walls have grown in popularity throughout the years, rising above their status as merely a method to waterproof boats in order to become a visually compelling option for interior walls. Most walls are painted or covered in wallpaper, which leaves plenty of room for new wall trends to explore and infiltrate. But that same logic means that it’s already time for freshly emerging ways of bringing texture into rooms to start overtaking shiplap. Just a few of these ideas, according to one designer, include tile, plaster, rattan, and even living walls of plants.

Matching Furniture Sets

Matching furniture may seem intuitively timeless, but it’s not for one very important reason: personality. Pieces that don’t necessarily coordinate but share similar accent colors or design elements are instantly more personal than a complete matching set. If you like a contemporary look, pieces that all maintain clean lines or minimalist forms can cohere just as well as a matching set from a showroom. 


A composite material made of chips of marble, quartz, granite, and other suitable materials, the terrazzo mixture is poured with both chemical and physical binding agents, then cured, ground, and polished to a smooth, uniform surface. Depending on the material of the chips, terrazzo can result in a visually intriguing look, presenting abstract groupings of shapes in multiple colors. In our contemporary world, terrazzo has developed an unmistakable connection to a certain millennial aesthetic: think lumpy ceramic pots and fiddle leaf figs. In fact, it became so prevalent that one writer actually titled their piece on the trend The Tyranny of Terrazzo. It’s no surprise that the article came out last year, perhaps signaling the end of this interior home renovation trend. We’re making a final judgment today and declaring the reign over in 2021. 

Dark Colors

This outgoing interior home renovation trend may be the most obvious of them all. There may be a time and a place for dark colors in interior design, especially if the occupant has a flair for the dramatic, but they can also make rooms feel claustrophobic. Given that more and more people will be working from home than ever before in the months and even years to come, it’s unlikely that homeowners will deliberately make design choices that can make spaces feel smaller. It’s safe to say that light colors will remain both on-trend and classic – at least for now! 

While many of 2021’s  interior home renovation trends are directly growing out of a year spent in lockdown, it remains to be seen which will become timeless and which will fall into design obscurity. No matter what type of design style you’re attracted to, a design-build firm like Gallery can help bring your aesthetic to life. If a New York apartment renovation is in your future, contact us for a free consultation!




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