What Makes the Biggest Impact on Your Kitchen Remodel?

A NYC Kitchen and Bath renovation can create endless possibilities. However one item stands out in particular that makes the greatest impact.

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What Makes the Biggest Impact on Your Kitchen Remodel?

A kitchen and bath renovation can involve all sorts of changes. But what element has the greatest impact? Spoiler alert: it’s the sink.

Maybe you can’t replace every single item in your wardrobe, or tone up in three days with a new workout plan. But you can get a haircut, and that haircut might change everything.

NYC kitchen and bath renovations work the same way. Certain changes just pack a punch. Whether you’re trying to spruce up your home in record time, or simply looking to save on renovation costs, it’s helpful to know what one element will have the greatest visual impact. Gallery Kitchen & Bath’s contractors are also accredited designers, and in their years spent renovating New York homes, they’ve figured out exactly what has the greatest effect on its entire room.

It’s the sink. This is true for both kitchens and bathrooms, but it functions differently in each room.

Bathroom remodel clients, especially New York remodel clients, weigh the pros and cons of console and pedestal sinks. Console sinks, which include vanity-style sinks, have storage underneath. Sometimes this storage is hidden behind some new bathroom cabinets, and sometimes it’s open, allowing for towels to dry or for candles to show off their stylishness.

A pedestal sink, meanwhile, has one elegant, Classical-style column instead of shelving or hooks. The plumbing lives inside this column, and the homeowner trades storage space for a narrower, freestanding look.

In New York, where many contend with small bathroom layouts, the choice to add storage can be an important one. And if more than one homeowner disagrees on priorities, some discussions may have to take place before the contractors can start their build.

In kitchens, sinks’ visual influence is credited to two main qualities: size and location. It’s all about keeping the kitchen as functional as possible, and that’s why there’s no one-size-fits-all piece of advice designers can offer with regard to size or location. In some kitchens, a corner faucet saves space and encourages a healthy flow of air and traffic. In others, a corner faucet might feel cramped. Some kitchens seem to expand with the size of their sink, which might make an industrial-style sink ideal, while others will seem airier with a smaller one.

Gallery Kitchen & Bath is committed to making kitchens as functional as they are attractive, and that’s why designers will suggest changing kitchen layouts, and moving sinks, if that’s what might be best. Sometimes, kitchens feel their easiest and most convenient when the sink is on a peninsula or island, while in other homes, and ideal kitchen sink will live in the middle of a counter. If you’re having trouble picturing the changes, check out a kitchen showroom for some inspiration.

For a designer, kitchen and bath makeovers are exciting, because these are rooms that get lots of use each day. Not only that, but the sub-surface wiring, plumbing, piping, and support beams provide plenty of engineering challenges, which the designer must fold into the client’s aesthetic goals.

Ready to find out what’s best for your kitchen, bath, or both? Contact Gallery Kitchen & Bath today to start your designer consultation.




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