Midcentury Modern Bathroom Reno: How to Get Your Fantasy Checkered Tile Bathroom

With timeless mid-century modern bathrooms on the rise, this is what it takes to achieve the checkered floor look and more.

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Midcentury Modern Bathroom Reno: How to Get Your Fantasy Checkered Tile Bathroom

The intricate checkered tile bathroom fad that came and went is back. With timeless midcentury-modern looks on the rise, this is what it takes to achieve the look.

Getting Your Midcentury Checkered Tile Bathroom Is Easier Than You Think

The intricate checkered tile bathroom styles of the 2000s were a fad that came and went in the blink of an eye. Although chic, these bathroom tile patterns and designs did not prove to be timeless. As soon as they popped up, they quickly went stale.

Aesthetic is a funny thing. It's subjective and ever-changing, yet timeless looks are forever.

Lately, we’ve been seeing more and more of our clients gravitating toward the timeless midcentury modern look. They’ve seen the style in their friends’ homes and are eager to figure out how they can recreate the look, during their upcoming home renovation project. That’s where we come in, offering our selection and implementation expertise.

When It Comes to Classic Bathroom Tile Design Ideas, the Options Are Endless

Our clients have a unique challenge: They want to stay on trend, but they also want their renovations to look stylish for years to come. After all, people rarely want to remodel their homes multiple times. This is one of the main reasons midcentury-modern bathroom tile patterns and designs maintain popularity.

While the patterns have become intricate, the materials are classic — but can be designed with a modern twist. For example, some of our clients have used subway tiles and hexagonal tiles, intermingled with classic colors (white, gray, or black). Then, they pair that look with natural wood finishes to finish the look.

Another great way to achieve a timeless checkered tile design look is using all one color or material, such as green or marble, which can create a quirky jewelry-box effect in your space. You can even preserve that sense of fun and wonder while incorporating classic bathroom tile design ideas or neutral colors.

Tile Decoration in Bathrooms: Both Chic and Timeless

After hundreds of bathroom renovations, we’ve noticed the most commonly chosen tile patterns are: 

  • Stacked (Horizontal or Vertical) 
  • Brick Pattern/Subway 
  • Chevron 
  • Herringbone 
  • Hexagon
  • Basket weave 

Reason being? These patterns can be incorporated into many different aesthetics.

For example, the quintessential look of a midcentury-modern bathroom, involves a subway-style wall tile with a hexagon floor tile. That complementary pairing can then be contrasted by a natural wood tone on a floating vanity, or shelf, to complete the midcentury-modern look.

Classic white subway tile, originally seen on the walls of New York City subway stations, adds a timeless appeal to any bathroom. With so many different ways to arrange them, these tiles are a great addition to your bathroom tile tool kit.

While white subway tiles offer a traditional touch, don’t rule out some color. Choosing different colors and sizes of subway tiles can bring out the personality of your bathroom, as do colorful grouts and inset tiles. We’ve seen clients tile their bathroom with traditionally-dimensioned and colored subway tiles, giving the room an unmistakable signature look. A tinted grout can help create a smooth transition between bright white tiles and bold dark shutters.

What makes midcentury-modern bathrooms so wonderful to design is that the best bathroom tile ideas are not necessarily complex. Instead, they allow for endless variations of ways to bring out our customer’s imagination and the personality of the space we’re renovating — think color-popping glass tile on the walls or even an accent wall in the shower or bathtub. You can also play off of the checkered tile bathroom design by installing it in a brick, vertical, or stacked pattern. As you can see, the options are infinite.

If you have a renovation project coming up, the dedicated and experienced design-build team at Gallery Kitchen & Bath can help you sort through all your options and find the best mid century-modern design ideas for your space.




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