The Bold Personality of Our White Subway Tile Bathroom Design

Check out this subway-inspired bathroom design we implemented during this stand-out NYC bathroom renovation, utilizing the green color of the 6 train.

February 12, 2018


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The Bold Personality of Our White Subway Tile Bathroom Design

Behind the scenes of one of our most unique master bathroom renovation projects where we used the green color of the #6 subway as inspiration.

At Gallery Kitchen & Bath, we take pride in helping our clients realize their greatest renovation dreams. In one of our recent projects, we were able to do just that. The Manhattan bathroom design was inspired by our clients’ two most important motivations: to incorporate bold colors and to create a renovation that was deeply personal to them.

With these two things in mind, our team went to work getting to know the clients and learning as many details about their lives as possible. It turned out that the New York City subway’s 6 Train held a particular significance for them. Before they married and moved in together, the pair regularly used the 6 to meet each other for dates.

Any New York City resident knows that the unique green color that represents the 6 is one you can’t confuse with any other green. And what better way to check off two boxes with one simple choice? We decided to use that green as the focal point in the bathroom, and while we initially thought the choice was risky, the results were worth it.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Bright

Our customers were risk takers, and it paid off. The unique, eye-popping color was an obvious reason this bathroom became one of Houzz’s most popular featured renovations. However, its overall appeal is much more subtle.

Ultimately, the monogram wallpaper and stylish pair of subway signs tie the entire space together. The clean white subway tile is accentuated by tasteful but strong graphic punches, including New York cityscape wallpaper and matte black lighting fixtures and finishes.

The vanity was the focal point for the bold green color, but designing and building it completely from scratch would have taken months. Instead of taking that path, we chose to eliminate part of the wait time by customizing a ready-made two-sink vanity from Way point.

Green inspired bathroom NYC

To set the bathroom’s white subway tile apart, the tile is laid in a herringbone pattern on the floor but in a grid on the wall. Black matte fixtures, including the faucets and shower doors, and a deep soaking tub add both modern and minimalist touches.

The marble trim that separates the back splash from the drywall, coupled with the stylishly stacked washer and dryer in the nook, help complete the modern and subtle yet luxurious space that our clients envisioned.

While the project certainly isn’t your typical subway tile bathroom, that’s not a bad thing. As soon as anyone looks at this bathroom, They’ll instantly realize that they have never seen anything like it— and that was the clients’ goal all along.

Green inspired bathroom NYC

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