I started this journey with 1 1970s bathroom that needed renovated and dreams of adding a second bathroom and a kitchen that did utilize all the space. I went through the process of interviewing companies that have a team of people who do design, architect, construction, and permitting. The first 2 companies gave me a quote of only "labor". That absolutely wasn't helpful because I wanted to know how much the entire project would cost. I just needed to wrap my head around the cost of renovating a bathroom, adding a bathroom, moving the laundry room, renovating the kitchen, making my office a proper office but also needing a bed for guests and then on top of all of that, making the closets that I had, useful. When I told Avi this, he told me a rough estimate. It was so REFRESHING to have an idea of what my dream would cost. It was honest and he was creative in solving my bathroom addition and the office/guest bedroom dilemma. His solution - add the bathroom, move the laundry room and create a Murphy bed/desk area that also included a closet. It's perfect and beautiful. So that was Avi, my first encounter with GKB. Then I met Kate. The super hero behind the project. She managed everything. She helped me with colors and faucets and cabinets and all the tiny decisions that come with designing new things. She also worked with the construction crews and plumbers and electricians. She scheduled everything, chased them if they didn't show up on time, gave them very clear instruction to make sure everything was completed to perfection. She hustled and worked extremely hard. Every email was responded to timely and very thoroughly. I met a lot of the people during this process and every, single person that I encountered with GKB was kind, respectful, ready to help out with anything. I absolutely made the right decision in hiring GKB. My project stayed on budget (except when I wanted more), my project stayed on time (minus one tiny shipping delay on cabinets), and my project turned out to be more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. My kitchen is stunning. My office is stunning. My bathrooms are perfect. The laundry room is functional. And every closet utilizes the space in the most efficient way. One last thing about GKB - they have an app. And EVERYTHING is on the app. You will know EXACTLY what you're paying for, you will see pictures of progress, you will sign off on every tiny detail and it is all aggregated on one platform. You don't need to gather receipts and check emails...it's all in the app and it's a game changer. This is my 4th renovation project and GKB is by far the best firm I have ever used. I'm so thankful that I found them! You will be too!




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