TLDR; trustworthy, patient, reasonable, professional. They're a full service shop, so I'd just recommend that you talk to them and if you see a rapport and things work out financially and logistically then hire them. Long version: I hired Gallery Kitchen and Bath after interviewing 3 or 4 other top rated companies. It was my first time dealing with contractors for a job of this size so I was anxious, and my main criteria in gauging the companies was their ability to listen, communicate, and of course if they're trustworthy. I decided on GKBNY because they showed the most patience with us when discussing the project (before signing) and that really set them apart from the other companies we talked to. GKBNY also seemed more willing to think and consider doing things outside of the box when it came to what we wanted done in the apt. In retrospect signing up with them was the right decision and we are very happy with the results. Because we opted for some custom materials and solutions, and because we changed some of our choices halfway through the renovation process, everything ended up taking much longer and was much harder than I anticipated. To their credit GKBNY were super professional throughout. Where anyone else would have been justified to show some frustration or demand more payment, they opted for simply working patiently around our requirements and around our schedule. On a couple of occasions there were some things done differently from what we asked (mostly due to miscommunications, not unexpected considering the size of the job). But how they handled these scenarios also sets them apart from other contractors I've dealt with in the past. What I've seen other contractors do when faced with the possibility that they've made a mistake is to immediately go on the defensive and become confrontational. GKBNY on the other hand calmly looked at what had happened, and quickly acknowledged, apologized, and addressed the problem. That's a sign of professionalism, and personally based on that experience alone I'd hire them again if I had to, simply because I trust them to be honest about what they do. Also I should mention that my apartment is in a high-rise coop. GKBNY handled all interactions with my board regarding insurance, notice letters to neighbors, working with the building's maintenance staff, etc. All in all they're a full service, experienced and well staffed firm that takes their reputation seriously and I am happy to recommend them.




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