NEW YORK CITY Interior Renovation

Have you recently purchased an apartment, condo, or loft in New York that needs some work to become your dream home? Is your current home in need of some modern upgrades, new flooring, or any other interior changes? You’ve come to the right place! At Gallery Kitchen and Bath, our extensive experience in New York City residential renovations and remodels means that we know exactly how to make your renovation vision a reality. Start with a consultation and you’ll soon find out how thorough our communication, service, and work truly is!


Winner of community Houzz awards in service and design!

Striving to exceed the standards for New York City luxury interior renovations, it’s no wonder that we are a consistent recipient of the community Houzz awards in service and design. We’re extremely proud to be recognized by Houzz, but we are equally as proud of the reviews our clients have given to both Houzz and Google, resulting in a combined average of 4.75 stars! You won’t find anyone better suited to handle your interior renovation project in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, whether your home is a co-op or condo, brownstone or townhome, or loft. Your vision is preserved and enhanced with our expertise to create a home that is as gorgeous as it is is comfortable and functional.


Design encompasses everything from the actual layout of the floor plan to the more decorative elements that fall under the scope of interior design – more on that below! As an all-inclusive design-and-build firm, our specific expertise is in catering to every single design element that could arise in an interior renovation. If you want a better traffic pattern in your kitchen, a specific type of tile in your bathroom, or to turn an unused closet into a washer/dryer room, we can do it all!

Interior Design

When it comes to interior design, sometimes you have a highly specific aesthetic in mind, complete with color palettes and a mood board for inspiration. Other times, you might not be sure exactly what you’re looking for, but you know that contemporary styles appeal to you, or that mid-century modern has a chic, retro vibe that fits your personality. Maybe you have no idea what style suits you at all and you need our help in figuring out exactly what that is. At Gallery, our interior design expertise is tailored to fit exactly what you need. If you have a vision, we bring that to life. If not, we’ll brainstorm and guide you toward the right style.



If you need new flooring in your co-op, condo, brownstone, or loft, Gallery’s got your back. From ceramic and porcelain floor tiles in bathrooms to hardwood throughout your entire home, we have extensive experience in updating flooring. Whether it’s just one room or an entire duplex, we’ll imbue your project with all the expertise our years of working on floors has given us.


Bathroom Remodel

We truly excel at New York bathroom renovations, bringing our years of experience to the table. It’s so important to craft a bathroom that is comfortable and functional as it is aesthetically pleasing, particularly in the small spaces that most New York bathrooms tend to be. Then there’s alteration agreements and co-op boards to contend with, especially if you’re thinking about rearranging plumbing. Stick with Gallery and we’ll get you through to the other side of a beautiful new bathroom that optimizes space and fits your style.

Kitchen Remodel

We also have an impressive amount of experience with New York kitchen renovations. From working around columns in New York lofts to expanding galley kitchens into open spaces using a kitchen island as a room divider, we’ve seen and done it all. Our custom design work is second to none and will make your kitchen truly one-of-a-kind. We understand the value of a logical flow of traffic, why you need to account for the direction in which appliance doors will swing out, and the aesthetic importance of matching countertops to the backsplash. We’ll bring your ideas to life or help you figure out the best choices for your specific kitchen needs.

Room Creation

A common New York housing scenario is to purchase an apartment with the intention to create an additional bedroom. If this is what you have in mind, Gallery is the design-and-build firm for you. Our specialty is in renovating New York properties, and that includes all the unique specifications and needs that are often part of the process. Whether you’re in need of additional bedrooms, a room that can serve as an office or a study, or a smaller room that can store your washer and dryer, we are experts in building new rooms in existing apartments.

Apartment Combinations

Combining apartments in a multi-unit building is a quintessential New York interior renovation project. As our expertise is entirely in New York properties, we’re quite well-versed in what it takes to combine apartments – everything from how to approach the new layout to accounting for building codes, wet over dry restrictions, and communicating with co-op boards. You can see our expertise for yourself by viewing our NYC apartment renovation project in Columbus Circle, which involved combining an existing one-bedroom apartment with a newly purchased one-bedroom unit next door. If you’re thinking about combining apartments in New York, our blog on the topic is another useful resource. Your next step is to give us a call!

Custom Build

When we say design-and-build firm, part of what that means is that we have the necessary skills to incorporate anything that needs to be built into the scope of your project from the beginning. That includes everything from custom cabinets to building closets, millwork, and other forms of carpentry. If your dream home requires the skills of a builder, rest assured that Gallery is the right firm for the job.


Our clients consistently choose to work with us for our attentiveness, professionalism, ability to make suggestions that would otherwise have never been considered, and overall knowledge. Our process works in every type of New York interior, with one example being our gut renovation of a 4500 square foot landmarked townhome in Hudson Square. Explore more of our work and contact us to find out what it will take to kick off your interior renovation project in New York.

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