The owner of this Brooklyn luxury bathroom renovation felt it was overdue for a facelift. For years, the trusty little room had served its purpose, as had the laundry room right next to it. But time passes, tastes change, and a poorly-lit, un-exciting spot you use every single day is going to feel stale after a while – Gallery Kitchen and Bath to the rescue.

Peter H.
Carroll Gardens
3 weeks


Sometimes, owners can’t exactly pinpoint the source of their discontent, and that’s where skillful designers come in. Not only do Gallery’s designers design, and not only do we build, but we also help lead discussions with clients, who may or may not know where to start. That’s what happened in the consultation for this Carroll Gardens bathroom renovation.

It wasn’t a very small bathroom. The physical size of the bathroom layout was fine, and, in fact, Gallery’s bathroom design and build team didn’t change it at all during this home remodeling journey. So why did its owner feel kinda cramped in there?

Answer: It was the light. Or, more accurately, the lack of light. And it was the lack of design contrast, too. Every element had vaguely the same color tone and value, and instead of feeling cohesive, or stylishly monochromatic, the sameness felt stifling.


When you know, you know. It’s true of soul mates, and it’s true of bathroom floors.

The owner of this space wasn’t exactly sure what patterns she wanted. That was just fine for our design and build team. In our years of remodeling kitchens and baths, we’ve learned to read between conversational lines and zoom in on exactly what a client wants. Even if she doesn’t know it yet.

To kick off the bathroom remodel process, Gallery designer, Peter, showed our client an assortment of bathroom floor tiles. He showed her a variety of shower wall patterns. And he showed her a collection of bathroom tiles and finishes for the main walls, too. Each time, she made her decision quickly, instantly pointing to the patterns that felt perfect.

She chose a gray-on-white chevron pattern for the shower wall, which showcases its entire expanse through the new clear glass show panel. The floor’s dark gray hexagons were easy to pick, as were the wall’s glossy white subway tiles.


The new assortment of whites, the shiny glass shower wall, and the minimalist sink made the bathroom feel brighter and airier. But what came next brought those qualities to the next level.

It was light. Lots of it. Coming from brighter, whiter, more artfully installed bulbs than what had been deployed before. Instead of a couple yellow-tinted light bulbs screwed into old-fashioned fixtures, the current bathroom boasts multiple white lights, all beaming down from modern fixtures with subtle silhouettes. Together, the assortment completely revolutionizes the room’s mood, helping it feel clean, upbeat, and easy-to-use.


Next, the team tore out the existing sink. In its place, the builders installed a floating vanity, which completely hides the previously exposed plumbing, adds storage, and helps make the room feel more expansive. The floating effect comes from its installation in the wall, which trades industrial-looking legs for a bit of empty space and shadow. The flat panel façade itself has a Modern, almost Scandinavian feel, and the warm wood contrasts against a new white color palette.


Though it technically happened outside the bathroom, one of the coolest bathroom renovations in this project was the repositioning of the nearby laundry room. By shifting its placement relative to the bathroom, Gallery designers were able to increase the functionality of both spaces. As a result of this build, the flow is more intuitive and natural, which instantly makes it easier for the homeowners to take care of essentials and get right back to life.

Ready for a little lifestyle transformation of your own? Go on and contact Gallery Kitchen & Bath. They’ll get in touch with you for a consultation, and they’ll help bring your bathroom ideas to life.