Renovating condos and co-ops in New York The Gallery Way means you will work with a dedicated team that specializes in each property type. We have a thorough understanding of condos and co-ops and best practices for working in apartment buildings. We are committed to craftsmanship and impart each project with our expert blend of architectural and design know-how. Another crucial part of the Gallery Way: the price we quote will not change unless you are requesting the changes. We don’t do change orders. Our proposals encompass the true full cost of the entire project from start to finish.


The Gallery Way means that every aspect of your condo or co-op renovation is considered and managed from the very beginning of our working relationship.

We handle every step of the process.

As a turnkey, full-service design and build firm, we are all-inclusive in our services. From start to finish, we do it all: architectural drafting, permit procurement, material selection, project management, and more!

We don’t work on a change order model.

In terms of the price, what you see is what you get – always. We don’t do change orders unless you are the one making the changes. We take the time up front to incorporate all the details and anticipate every possible need from a project’s beginning.

We value communication.

From digital connections through our technological platforms to old-fashioned phone calls and site visits, we put a strong emphasis on our communication with you. Our projects often have many moving parts, and clear communication is of the utmost importance to keeping track of all those parts.

Specific Challenges With Renovating NYC Condos & Co-Ops

Renovations in co-ops in New York are fairly regulated. Co-op boards have alteration agreements which impose rules around what is and isn’t allowed in terms of construction and renovation, including methods that can and can’t be used.

The alteration agreement essentially guides how we approach the project. This involves the following, among other things:

  • Plumbing restrictions
  • Who to notify
  • When work can be done
  • Types of materials
  • Types of construction methods

Pre-War Co-Op Renovations

Renovating pre-war co-ops in New York is another one of our specialties. When it comes to pre-war co-ops, the following are the main differences in terms of renovation.

  • Due to their age, they are typically more expensive to renovate, especially if clients want to make substantial changes.
  • Also due to their age, electric and plumbing tend to be outdated, alongside the greater likelihood of finding asbestos, which not only adds to costs but also highlights the importance of working with experts in the field.
  • Depending on the client’s desires, the historic aesthetic factor can be key with pre-war co-ops. Some want to stray true to the historic aspect, in which case we dutifully maintain the classic, traditional, or Art Deco interiors.

How Does Gallery Take These Challenges Into Consideration?

When you work with a team that specializes in NYC apartment renovations, you reap the benefits of our expertise in craftsmanship and overall quality of our work alongside our skill in coordinating with condo/co-op boards and management agencies. We know that each building has its own particulars and we closely work with our clients to make sure that guidelines are followed while creative solutions are offered.

Two major particulars are wet over dry restrictions and plumbing stacks, which we always consider when we begin the renovation planning process.

  • Wet over dry restrictions dictate whether or not you can physically relocate a bathroom.
  • Plumbing stacks dictate whether or not you can open up certain walls in kitchens.

We’ll petition your co-op board to make exceptions.

  • We will only do this in certain cases, if we feel it’s a genuine and worthwhile possibility.

The human element is also key to condo and co-op renovation in NY.

  • In order to push the formalities presented above, we strive to establish a good rapport with the super in every building we work in. We consistently work on the relationship, maintaining an open line of communication and collaboration to ensure as seamless of a working environment as possible.

Interior Design & More for Our NYC Condo & Co-Op Renovations


Whether your home is a co-op, condo, or any other property type, at Gallery we put as much thought into the ‘little’ things as the ‘big’ things. Lighting, for example, is always one of the ‘big’ things.’ Some of our most commonly asked questions about co-ops are:

  • Where do the windows face?
  • Are there other buildings in the way restricting views?
  • Will there be sunlight at certain times of day?

As your team of contractors and designers, we will always take questions like these into account. If there is ample light, we’ll make sure it doesn’t get restricted. If there isn’t, we’ll do our best not to further that problem, which encompasses everything from the types of doors to the way the rooms are configured.


Soundproofing, on the other hand, is one of the ‘little’ things. As we discussed in our article about soundproofing NYC apartments, noise complaints are nothing new to New Yorkers. But just because you’re familiar with – and annoyed by – your neighbor’s booming footsteps at midnight, doesn’t mean it’ll occur to you that soundproofing is actually an option when renovating apartments in New York. That’s where our role as experts can help you, because we’re fully aware that during the renovation process, walls will already be open, offering the perfect opportunity to consider making the space more soundproof. We can help craft a space where your neighbors don’t hear you and you don’t hear your neighbors.


Interior Design

In terms of interior design, The Gallery Way is all about figuring out your base design concept. Everyone has an aesthetic, even if they don’t know quite what it is. Everyone gravitates to certain things, and eventually, a theme will emerge. You might even have more than one aesthetic! As your dedicated team of designers as well as contractors, we can take your interest in Art Deco, minimalism, and boho chic, blending the most cohesive elements from all three into a design that’s a perfectly curated visual accompaniment to your personality. Some people know exactly what they want, but when those who aren’t quite sure come to us looking for guidance, three major factors tend to play into how we work together to develop their interior style:

  • What are you gravitating toward?
  • What is the property type and how old is it?
  • Where is the property located?


Our specialty is full-scale gut renovations of condos and co-ops in New York, among many other types of properties. From bathrooms and kitchens to entire living spaces, we do it all. Need proof? Browse our gallery of New York condos and co-ops we’ve renovated here, or see What Our Clients Are Saying, first-hand. For details on additional projects and even more design inspiration, head to our blog!




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