Home Design Makeover: 3 Ways to Extend the Shelf Life of Your Aesthetic

These are the keys to create timeless design when renovating your home.

May 11, 2021


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Home Design Makeover: 3 Ways to Extend the Shelf Life of Your Aesthetic

Choosing patterns and colors can seem overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be! We're here to help steer you in the right aesthetic direction with our top three tips for creating timeless home design.

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The updates for your home design makeover were once so exciting. You made your partner hold 78 ceramic tiles up against the bathroom wall, one after the other, until you decided the first one had definitely been the best — glossy cherry red. It had to be the one. Not long after though, that glossy red is starting to feel overbearing. Is it really time to redesign already?

A home renovation can become outdated more quickly than you think. Styles that are chic today can look worn and unfashionable tomorrow. The word timeless is thrown around, but many trends are not, in fact, timeless, so it’s important to choose design elements with a discerning eye toward not only functionality and style now, but for the long haul. 

Bolder, quirkier ideas — like a chalkboard kitchen wall or chevron-print wallpaper — can be gorgeous concepts for a home design makeover, but can also lose their appeal within a year or two. If you’re lucky, dramatic home design trends last a decade. Colors and shapes come and go; timeless home design is never built on temporary fads.

Bare bulbs, cement, and Art Deco tiles are just one recent trend, seen everywhere from your favorite coffee shops and on your social media feeds. Sometimes these ideas can work in homes and sometimes they don’t. The key to timeless interior design is long-lasting materials, adaptable colors, and high-quality furnishings.

[#Three]Three Ways To Create A Timeless Home Design Makeover[#Three]

[#Expose]1. Expose your architecture[#Expose]

The architectural features of your property are built to last; they’re made to be strong, classic, functional, and beautiful. Any interior design elements that build on the natural structure of your home are more likely to stand the test of time. That includes exposed brick, original fireplaces, natural hardwood floors, and beams. Protect and spotlight these features and they will become the foundational elements of any timeless home renovation.

Exposed brick adds instant personality that's timeless. View the before and after of this Brooklyn brownstone renovation.

[#Excited]2. Get excited about neutrals[#Excited]

Natural, neutral tones — cream, white, gray, and taupe — are immortal colors that adapt to whatever else you throw at them. They provide a calm, clean base for your riskier, more playful design elements. In a well-used space like your kitchen, ground the room with a neutral base wall color and a white marble countertop before you play with splashes of color and trendier accessories.

[#Details]3. The quality is in the details[#Details]

There are big elements of design — color, artwork, and furniture pieces — and there are small elements. It’s the little things that will create timeless appeal in any home design makeover. Invest in classic, durable finishes like genuine metal handles and faucets, stainless steel appliances, and solid color curtains. Bear in mind that styles that have been around for generations are likely to age well. Subway tiles, for example, have enough versatility to fit any era.

You can never go wrong with a subway tile backsplash and quarts countertops.

From clean lines to natural color schemes, these timeless interior design ideas will help you avoid trends that will age quickly. Follow these tips to ensure your NYC residential renovation never feels outdated.

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