Interior Design Trends For 2024

What’s in and out when it comes to interior home renovation changes with the seasons, and this year has some surprises.

January 4, 2024


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Interior Design Trends For 2024

What’s in and out when it comes to interior home renovation changes with the seasons. While some elements of design are truly timeless, other trends are destined to become dated.

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As a renovation firm in a design mecca like New York City, Gallery takes pride in staying ahead of interior design trends. With our experience in remodeling various NYC property types over the years and expertise in creating beautiful space, we’ve seen many styles come and go. Though there are certainly timeless design elements that still hold up, this article shares the emerging interior design trends developing in 2024 - and some on their way out. 

[#Living]Living Room Interior Design Trends[#Living] 

Get comfortable with these timely living room interior design trends for 2024:  

Newstalgia Touch 

Home designs are especially versatile in 2024, as materials and styles from all eras are mixed and mingled without hesitation. This ‘Newstalgia’ trend gives an interior personality by blending high-end modern furniture and paintings from emerging local artists with vintage furniture inspired by traveling abroad and distinctive antiques found thrifting. Originality stays in style. 

Outdoor Aesthetics & Textures 

As the pandemic evolves and we continue trying to find a balance between staying indoors and going back outside, many are blending both worlds by introducing more nature-inspired design styles into their homes. House plants have been trending over the last few years, and now we’re seeing more floral print wallpapers and accents with natural texture (consider terracotta backsplashes in the kitchen or dried grapewood branches for decoration).

Curvy Furniture 

As personal tastes become more eccentric, sculptural and curved furniture is more en vogue than ever. This resurgence from the modern era design period of the 50's-70's delivers softer edges that add a sense of intrigue and sophistication to living areas meant to be inviting. 

[#Kitchen]Kitchen Interior Design Trends[#Kitchen] 

The following kitchen interior design trends are resonating in 2024: 

Durable Essentials 

People want more durable kitchen surfaces, such as quartz, which provide a natural balance of beauty and practicality. As you’ll see in this Brooklyn kitchen renovation we did for a professional chef, quartz countertops contain no grout lines, making the counter extremely easy to clean and maintain over time. A recent full condo renovation we completed in The Chelsea Mercantile (seen above) found us installing uniform kitchen cabinets built from an innovative interior material called FENIX, which is not painted, fingerprint-resistant and won’t dull over time, offering a sleek yet durable environment that can withstand wear and tear for years to come.

Expanded Kitchen Functionality 

With the massive jump in home cooking since the pandemic, people have sought to increase functionality and durability within their kitchens. This runs the gamut from smart appliances and custom-expanded storage to avoiding temperamental materials that may be beautiful but require a great deal of upkeep. In one of our recent projects, we built an entire pantry off the kitchen in order to meet the growing needs of our client. 

Steam Ovens 

There are a few reasons why steam ovens are all the rage in 2024. Beyond adding a sleek touch to any kitchen design with their polished, modern look, these trendy ovens offer pro-quality results by removing the humidity and delivering more tender, nutritional food. 

Unique Backsplash Choices 

In 2024, look for more artistic backsplash options, such as geometric patterns, intriguing tonal choices, and hand-thrown ceramics. The natural variation and one-of-a-kind expression of hand-crafted pieces in particular brings an edge into design, lending itself equally to filling out entire walls and more strategic placement as accent tiles. 

[#Bathroom]Bathroom Interior Design Trends[#Bathroom] 

Make a splash with the following interior design trends for bathrooms in 2024: 

Eco-Friendly-Inspired Designs

Peace of mind requires more effort than ever so an uptick in eco-friendly bathroom design makes sense. Sustainable resources like concrete, stone, porcelain and glass are all becoming more prevalent, creating an environmentally-friendly organic design that offers a stunning but practical finish.  

Checkerboard Patterns 

Checkerboard design patterns are not new, but they’re definitely trending up, especially in bathrooms. A black and white checkered floor (like the one we installed in this Tribeca ensuite bathroom) adds a pristine nostalgia that resonates with most aesthetics, making this one of the most popular bathroom interior design trends of 2024. 

Free-Standing Tubs

There’s been a shift away from traditional alcove tubs towards free-standing tubs. Whether white resin, marble or metallic, freestanding tubs sit directly on the floor of the bathroom with no feet or platform underneath. Due to their more traditional, transitional look, they’re best served in small space bathrooms, where the room can appear larger with a tub that consumes less space. 

[#Bedroom]Bedroom Interior Design Trends[#Bedroom] 

Comfort and calm are the overarching themes to these trending design styles for bedrooms: 

Darker Tones

While lighter colors may be optimal throughout homes for various reasons, the exclusivity of bedrooms allow us to push the boundaries of interior design, experimenting with bolder, more moody colors that create depth and inherently relaxing qualities. Indigo blues, deep purples and even cranberry reds work well, especially when contrasted with lighter accents and decor. 

Ceiling Enhancements 

Breaking up the monotony of a bedroom design can be simple as leveraging ceiling space. Adding details to a bedroom ceiling, such as bold painted beams, a coffered ceiling or even a skylight to bring in natural light (not often an option in NYC homes) will add immediate interest to an oft-stared area. 

Practical Designs For Growing Children

When designing a room for children, the key is considering the future. By using a bold, imaginative design that’s cool enough to encourage play time no matter their children’s age, parents can display a practical creativity in their design that doesn’t need to be updated every time the kids change their favorite superhero. 

[#Top]Overall Top Interior Design Trends[#Top]

Not all design trends are room specific. In 2024, these are the overarching interior design trends we’ve seen in demand: 

Home Offices & Dual-Purpose Rooms

With people generally spending more time indoors, more of our clients require specific spaces for routine activities. As a result, we’re seeing less open floor plan requests and more movement towards various rooms that can serve a dual-purpose. Converting lesser-used areas like guest bedrooms or laundry rooms into dual-purpose rooms reduces clutter and allows for unique design personality per room. For instance, guest bedrooms can easily be turned into a home office - which are obviously more in demand than ever thanks to the pandemic.

The style of the converted office may vary, but an overall contemporary vibe with clean lines and minimalist furniture is ideal for office spaces, which thrive on eliminating distractions and keeping one focused. At Gallery, one of our specialties is incorporating built-ins into home renovations, such as bookshelf storage that also functions as a workspace desk, an ideal feature in a dual-purpose room. 

Original Accents & Vintage Touch 

The basis of any design should be the original foundation, if at all possible - especially in NYC. With such rich history in most apartments and brownstones, optimizing design details like original oak flooring or wood moldings and casings can help preserve that heritage and tell the story of your home for decades to come. 

Trends in Materials

The right material can make or break a design and in 2024, the following trends in materials are worth considering:  

Industrial Chic 

In New York lofts, style has become all about mixing elements – specifically, wood and metal. In keeping with the gaining prominence of all things organic in home design, industrial chic is known for exposed brick, tall ceilings, tactile textures, and neutral tones – an elevated expression of the common architecture of lofts. In its latest form, industrial chic expertly combines both traditional and modern elements for interiors that are comfortable to both live and work.

Sustainable & Organic 

One of the top interior design trends in 2024 is the use of sustainable and organic materials, especially glass. Steel-framed window walls provide radiant natural lighting while reducing the reliance on less-durable, unsustainable vinyl frames. Beyond glass, organic materials like stone, granite and wood create unique textured designs that can complement most modern aesthetics and stand the test of time. 

Leather Goods 

With increased interest in textiles, leather furniture is making a comeback in 2024. When showcased via a modern leather sectional or Eames lounge chair and ottoman, the tried and traditional fabric immediately elevates the interior design of spaces like living rooms or bedrooms, adding natural color and bold design. 

Trends in Color

Color is the key to most designs and in 2024, the following color trends are most eye-popping:  

Color Revival 

In NYC, neutrals and grays stay in fashion, since light colors make the most of small spaces. However, expanded color palettes are becoming desirable, as people welcome more personality throughout their homes. The key is pairing colors that properly compliment one another, creating backdrops with deep tones and contrasting them with lighter, brighter accents.

Trends in Lighting 

Lighting is one of the most underestimated parts of an interior design plan. The right lighting can make the most of even the smallest of rooms and wrong lighting can leave a large space feeling lackluster. In 2024, the following lighting trends are in the spotlight:   

Linear Lighting

Bold, complicated lighting fixtures are being replaced with more contemporary linear lighting designs in 2024. Whether recessed or suspended, the slimmer option delivers a more focused frame of light. 

Oversized Pendant Lighting

The new chandelier. Whether they’re illuminating a kitchen island or draping from tall stairways, oversized pendant lights provide sustainable lighting that offers a statement of modern design.

[#Outgoing]Outgoing Interior Design Trends[#Outgoing]

Not every style can stand the test of time. While the following design styles had their moment of shine, trends seem to be pointing them towards the door. 

Open Floor Concepts

As mentioned above, unique activity rooms have become more in demand. In turn, open floor concepts are less of a request than ever in our NYC interior renovations. Despite improving traffic flow in homes and making hosting parties much easier to manage, open floor designs in NYC renovations are being forgone in favor of more exclusive settings that keep the elements from colliding. Still, while sectioned room styling may be trending, open floor plans will never truly be phased out due to their practicality in small spaces - especially in NYC. 

Shiplap Walls

Shiplap walls have grown in popularity throughout the years, rising above their status as merely a method to waterproof boats in order to become a visually compelling option for interior walls. Most walls are painted or covered in wallpaper, which leaves plenty of room for new wall trends to explore and infiltrate. But that same logic means it’s already time for freshly emerging ways of bringing texture into rooms to start overtaking shiplap. Just a few of these ideas, according to one designer, include tile, plaster, rattan, and even walls of living plants or decorative plates.

Matching Furniture Sets 

Matching furniture may seem intuitively timeless, but in reality they lack personality. Pieces that don’t necessarily coordinate but share similar accent colors or design elements are instantly more personal than a complete matching set. If you like a contemporary look, pieces that all maintain clean lines or minimalist forms can cohere just as well as a matching set from a showroom. 


A composite material made of chips of marble, quartz, granite, and other suitable materials, the terrazzo mixture is poured with both chemical and physical binding agents, then cured, ground, and polished to a smooth, uniform surface. Depending on the material of the chips, terrazzo can result in a visually intriguing look, presenting abstract groupings of shapes in multiple colors. In our contemporary world, terrazzo has developed an unmistakable connection to a certain millennial aesthetic: think lumpy ceramic pots and fiddle leaf figs. In fact, it became so prevalent that one writer actually titled their piece on the trend The Tyranny of Terrazzo. It’s no surprise that the article came out last year, perhaps signaling the end of this interior home renovation trend. We’re making a final judgment today and declaring the reign over in 2024. 

[#Why]Why Choose Gallery for Interior Design in NYC[#Why]

While many of 2024’s interior home renovation trends are directly growing out of a few years spent in lockdown, it remains to be seen which will become timeless and which will fall into design obscurity. No matter what type of design style you’re attracted to, a full-service design-build firm like Gallery can bring your aesthetic to life. If a New York apartment renovation is in your future, contact us for a consultation today.

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