6 NYC Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas That’ll Change Your Life

These design ideas for small NYC bathrooms will help update a cramped bathroom layout without cramping your style.

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6 NYC Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas That’ll Change Your Life

The Big Apple has some seriously small spaces. But even the most minuscule of bathrooms is no match for the experienced NYC contractors of Gallery KBNY, who use design smarts, artistry, and ingenious materials to open up a space. We’ve spilled some of the beans below so read on and learn how to include a few of these small bathrooms remodel ideas into your DIY renovations.

Searching for small bathroom remodel ideas in New York City? We've got you covered. With these genius small bathroom ideas, a cramped bathroom layout won’t have to cramp your style.

1. Raise a Glass

One of the simplest small bathroom ideas for your shower also happens to be the most impactful: replace the rod and curtain with a smooth, clear pane of glass.

Sleek and minimal, a glass shower lets eyes sweep across the room uninterrupted, particularly if the door is frameless. In this way, the choice functions similarly to an open floor plan, painting fully panoramic views and uniting what was once two disparate segments.

Bonus: maintenance is a breeze. Instead of prying apart stiff metal rings to change the curtain, you’ll wick water off with a squeegee.

2. Think Thin

Reduce visual clutter with minimalist, function-oriented fixtures and accessories. Stroll into bathroom showrooms and you’ll see a huge variety of elegantly bare-bone options, not only in mid-century modern and Swedish styles but in styles of all stripes. So whether you’re going cozy, contemporary, or with any scheme in between, check out items with sleeker silhouettes, like chrome shower fixtures paired with a luxuriously oversized tub.

And remember: delicate doesn’t have to mean fussy. The shower, tub, and sink fixtures on a recent Chelsea bathroom remodel we did maximized space with their slim structure, while a handsome, dark matte finish complemented the contemporary angles.

3. Learn to Levitate

Take the minimalist idea to its logical, magical conclusion with floating bathroom cabinets and sinks, paired here with a glass shower. Floating fixtures are mounted to the wall, eliminating legs altogether for a buoyant effect at once simple and striking. Fewer vertical lines near the ground create add even more clarity and airiness.

You may even be able to do this with the toilet, as we once did in a Murray Street bathroom remodel. By setting the tank into the wall, our designers not only gave the toilet a floating look, but removed its entire back half from the room.

4. Mount a Mirror

This one’s a classic for a reason. Mirrors seem to multiply space (and light), so a large one can almost function like a window, opening up more dimensions as it brightens the whole room.

Consider different shapes of mirrors, as well as different sizes. Do you want one large, horizontal looking glass spanning the length of the room, or a set of three medium-sized mirrors? A square, a rectangle, an oval? Then there’s the frame: wood? A face-illuminating ring light? Nothing? This Park Slope gut renovation used two large circular mirrors set in contemporary frames, while the bathroom with floating cabinets deploys a large, rectangular mirror.

You might take another cue from these examples, and try ditching the medicine cabinet, too. Bathroom contractors frequently replace bulky, old-fashioned med chests with flat and low-profile mirrors. This nixes a few more eye-level inches--and as those with really small bathrooms know, every inch counts.

5. Embrace the Shiny

Matte finishes and dark tones are gorgeous, but to maximize your room’s space and light, use smooth textures and light colors. Considering some new bathroom tiles? Let the sunlight slides across your shiny subway tiles, just like it does over your plate glass showers, icy chrome faucets, and polished marble.

6. Get Monochromatic

White is a beautiful choice for this, as we saw in the gold-flecked Murray Street washroom. But white’s not the only luminous neutral out there. Try gray, ivory, or beige. If you choose different shades in the same family, you can even keep things airy while mixing patterns, like Gallery KBNY did in this pre-war bathroom on the Upper West Side. Here, a variety of patterns and tile shapes, all in light gray, add visual interest while remaining cohesive. Using a single color or color palette unifies the room, allowing for a little more expansiveness.

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