Renovations & Technology: 10 Smart Home Remodeling Ideas

If you're headed towards a renovation in NYC, consider these 10 smart home remodeling ideas to improve your flow and functionality.

January 17, 2023


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Renovations & Technology: 10 Smart Home Remodeling Ideas

Consider These Smart Home Remodeling Options For Your New York City Home

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Many view smart home technology as next level convenience too complicated to leverage. In reality, smart home functionality is relatively easily implemented, especially when looking to renovate your home. By including smart home tech amidst a home renovation in New York City, owners make the install process easy as possible, immediately adding a modern versatility to their home that also increases resale value. 

While there are various smart home options to choose from, each with their own benefits, below are the smart home technology options most applicable to residential renovations in NYC.

[#Home]Home Network[#Home]

The backbone of any smart home starts with a strong network, as all smart home upgrades will be connected to this hub. The foundation of the network is the router, which funnels the internet connection throughout the home. When setting up a smart home system, placing the router in a central location (discrete, but accessible) is key to a streamlined wiring set-up, and more importantly - a strong wireless connection throughout the home. 

Keypads with customizable buttons from Radio 3 by Lutron.

[#Smart]Smart Home Interface[#Smart]

The choice of operating system will also have a big impact on how smart home tech is used. One of the more sophisticated options on the market is RadioRa by Lutron. This completely-customizable smart home system is extremely sleek and customizable, offering advanced technology that allows for custom multi-room configurations that are accessible via single buttons (rather than cycling through a digital dial). Or, if you require more traditional voice-controlled devices that are a bit easier to implement, options like Apple Home, Google Nest, and Amazon’s Alexa Smart Home still offer a comprehensive array of smart home functionality and accessories. 

Whatever route you go, we recommend setting-up your smart home system based on whatever operating system your devices use, so the user experience is familiar and your phones can connect. When setting-up smart home assistants, we always confirm sensor placement with clients to ensure commands can be easily identified from anywhere in the home. 

[#HVAC]Smart Thermostats and HVAC[#HVAC]

Smart thermostats allow users to change the temperature of their home directly from their device, whether they’re bundled up in the living room or laying on a beach abroad. We often set-up these thermostats in tandem with HVAC installations, then place sensors throughout the home to monitor temperature plus humidity and dynamically adjust the thermostat accordingly - even during the middle of the night. Beyond convenience, smart thermostats are environmentally friendly, keeping energy usage down and reducing your carbon footprint.

[#Water]Smart Water Heaters[#Water]

Smart water heaters are one of the more practical smart home installations. These state-of-the-art core plumbing features help reduce energy and offer built-in safety features like leak-protection and temperature regulation to prevent bacteria build-up. 

Kitchen from SoHo townhouse renovation with fully-integrated smart home system. View renovation before and after.

[#Lighting]Smart Lighting[#Lighting]

As a design-build firm specializing in custom lighting installations, we’re big proponents of smart lighting. These elevated lighting installations can enhance the look and feel of a space, offering various illuminated environments that immediately change the room’s mood from the touch of your phone or smart-display. Adjustable smart lighting is also convenient for security purposes when traveling, allowing owners to turn lights on and off based on a predetermined schedule. A smart home system like RadioRa 3 features various smart lighting options.

[#Security]Home Security and Locks[#Security]

At Gallery, we create peace of mind for our clients by installing fully-connected security cameras, smart locks, and doorbells, which are all becoming fairly standard in smart home installations. Smart security cameras are easily connected to your phone, delivering on-demand eyes watching your door and more.

Example of Halio smart windows in use in high-rise apartment setting.

[#Windows]Smart Windows and Blinds[#Windows]

Another way to keep temperature regulated via smart home upgrades is with smart blinds and windows. Smart blinds offer easy adjustment and closure via app, while various styles of smart windows from companies like Halio each offer their own unique functionality. See below for a few examples of smart window tech, all of which are ideal for high-rises in NYC, where the immense amount of sunlight can often become overbearing if not accounted for.

Electrochromic Glass

Blinds can be a thing of the past with electrochromic glass. These smart windows leverage electricity to adjust the opacity of the window, creating a sun-blocking tint within minutes. 

Photochromic Glass

These transitional film windows are tinted upon exposure to UV rays, becoming darker during sunny days and more transparent at night. 

Thermochromic Glass

This advanced glass tech is similar to photochromic glass, except that instead of tinting based on UV rays, thermochromic glass darkens once the temperature hits a predetermined temperature. 

[#Connected]Connected Appliances[#Connected]

Smart-connected appliances, such as a refrigerator or stove, are relatively new and may be seen as a gimmick to some. However, they’re quite useful for energy monitoring, diagnostics, and remote adjustments. Cooking a Thanksgiving turkey has never been easier. For more kitchen inspiration, check out the Kitchen Renovation section of our Design & Reno blog.

Historic loft renovation in SoHo featuring wireless surround sound. View the full renovation before and after.

[#Audio]Advanced Home Audio[#Audio]

With people more comfortable skipping live events in favor of home entertainment, high-end home audio set-ups are all the rave. Comprehensive systems like Sonos create a seamless listening experience throughout the home via a chain of built-in Wi-Fi-connected wireless speakers, offering state-of-the-art sound along with whole-home music curation from the convenience of your device. Rock on, just easier.  

[#Implement]Implement Smart Home Upgrades During A Full Home Renovation[#Implement] 

Considering a NYC renovation with smart home upgrades? For an ideal lay-out and configuration, consider adding smart home updates during an upcoming full home renovation for a truly streamlined install.

Gallery is a design-build firm in New York City that specializes in tech-heavy residential renovations. All of our home renovations include every aspect of the project, from interior design and architectural services to facilitating building management and board approval, to construction and construction management. Ready to renovate? Contact us for a consultation.

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