The Coolest Thing About Winning the 2019 Best of Houzz Awards

Gallery Kitchen & Bath New York is honored to have won the 2019 Best of Houzz Award for it's home renovation of a luxury powder room in NYC.

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The Coolest Thing About Winning the 2019 Best of Houzz Awards

Gallery Kitchen & Bath took home 2 Houzz awards for 2019. An award for best in customer service and an award for best in design. We're humbled by this achievement and are excited to share it with you!

Winning 2019 Best of Houzz awards for service and design is pretty cool. Sure, the prestige is nice — we were chosen by more than 40 million subscribers from more than 2.1 million industry professionals — but for us, the honor runs much deeper than that.

The cornerstone of our success, and what we take the most pride in, is our complete dedication to our customers. The core idea that drives Gallery Kitchen & Bath has always been to provide high-touch, responsive, proactive, and honest service to our customers. We want to be partners, not just contractors, in every project.

That level of dedication is rare in the home renovation industry, but still, it took a long time to develop the reputation we have now. That’s why being awarded for our exceptional service by a respected leader in the high-end renovation space feels so validating. It wouldn’t have been possible without our amazing customers’ willingness to share their experiences.

Thank you — yes, you!

With the largest database of home renovations in the world, is more than a platform. It’s a community of home designing, building, and remodeling aficionados, mixed together with highly involved industry professionals and homeowners looking for ideas about how to make their houses into dream homes. Every voice in the community holds weight in the Best of Houzz awards.

There is no application for the awards, as Houzz picks the winners for Best Service and Best Design on the basis of the community’s feedback. For example, the service award is based on how many five-star reviews a company received for the year. We received a ton of reviews, all of which were five stars!

The Design Award is based on how many other Houzz users saved a design’s photo to their idea books. Our Tribeca Powder Room renovation was saved more than 65,000 times across the country, making it the 10th-most-saved powder room photo in Houzz’ luxury bath and kitchen database.

We’re extremely honored and would like to thank everyone for their appreciation of our work. Integrity and honesty are woven into our values and are paramount to our success. We take tremendous pride in everything we do. Ideas like “customer-centric approach” and “best possible customer experience” aren’t PR lingo to us — they’re values we truly believe in.

Receiving the Best of Houzz service and design awards validate that we’re doing something right — but that doesn’t mean our work is done. The awards motivate us further. We look forward to another year of providing excellent service and customer-driven results for which the community has recognized us!




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