Apartment Renovation in New York City

Thinking about renovating your NYC apartment? As a full-service design-build firm in New York City, Gallery delivers full-service apartment renovations from start to finish, driving all aspects from interior design and architectural planning, building and board management approval, and construction with project management.

Apartment renovation New York City

Design-Build Contractors Trusted Across New York City

We are proud recipients of various awards in service and design – five years in a row and counting. We strive to maintain a level of service and design that always raises the bar. That's why our clients consistently leave 5-star reviews. From Brooklyn to Manhattan, we apply our all-inclusive renovation expertise to most styles of residential properties in NYC.

Why Choose Design-Build in New York City?

We’re often asked why we’re different from other renovation and remodel firms in NYC. See how our design-build approach compares to competitive renovation models:

Design-Bid Firm Vs Design-Bid-Build FirM

A true design-build firm offers a full-service renovation package for clients who value a partner with one main point of contact to oversee the entire process. Alternatively, a design-bid-build firm delivers a more piecemeal approach that allows for more flexibility, but essentially makes the client a project manager. Read a more detailed breakdown of the two approaches via Design-Build vs Design-Bid-Build: What’s The Difference?

Design-Build Firm Vs Architect

When doing a full home renovation, especially one involving multiple rooms or an entire home, the traditional approach has been to hire an architect, who draws up plans and handles the design work. They then bid out those plans to various contractors. The architect will act as your agent, often managing project construction too. This does not come without fees, as architects typically charge an additional 20% of the construction price to manage the contractors.

Design-build firms, on the other hand, offer a similar approach - without having to bid out plans to multiple contractors AND without the added 20% architects charge. With a design-build firm like Gallery, everything is done in-house. Our architect draws up the plans while the design team handles the space planning, finish and fixture component of the project, then our team does the build and construction - all overseen by our in-house project manager and construction manager, who ensure all finer points meet your specific expectations. We design the project, and then we build the project.

For more on the topic, read our full blog on Design-Build vs. Architectural Firms.

New York City Neighborhoods We Service

At Gallery, our NYC-centric focus finds us renovating all flavors of Manhattan and Brooklyn. While we work in most neighborhoods in those two boroughs, below are some of the areas we’re in most often:

NYC Property Types We Renovate

Our apartment renovation prowess comes from decades of experience with all styles of residential renovations in NYC.

Our Renovation Services

Our apartment renovation services are unlimited, meaning clients ultimately decide their needs based on preliminary design discussions. For example, a full apartment renovation in NYC may include:

Types of Apartment Renovation Projects We’ve Completed

Apartment renovations in New York City run a range of styles that encompasses not only interior design preferences but building architecture as well, whether you’re looking to add an entirely new room or even combine apartments. Often, these structural adjustments to your home require approval from the building or co-op board, which Gallery handles on behalf of all our clients. In certain cases where we deem necessary, we’ll even petition the board to make changes or exceptions on your behalf.

Combining Apartments For More Space & Better Layouts

If you love your NYC apartment and don’t want to leave, but dream of more room, what can you do? If an adjacent apartment is available, consider combining two apartments into one. We’re experts in this property match making process and fluent in how to approach the new layout to account for building codes and height adjustments while providing you with enhanced space and an overall improved home layout. Explore our pre-war apartment renovation in Greenwich Village or view our full portfolio of apartment combination before and afters.

Adding Additional Rooms

Your household is growing and you need a new bedroom. Your company finally decided to go fully remote and now you need a true home office. Your elderly family member is moving in for good. No matter the reason your NYC apartment needs an additional room, Gallery is equipped for the addition with room creation experience in all NYC property types. 

Complete Gut Renovations

For those looking to completely start from scratch in their NYC home, a gut renovation is probably the way to go. This hard home refresh takes all rooms down to their studs and/or touches every inch of the home for a total overhaul of the space. While gut renovations in NYC may require a significant amount of investment mentally and monetarily, these extensive home rehabs offer owners the utmost personalization and peak property value. For an example of our work with gut renovations in NYC, view our Upper West Side pre-war co-op renovation or read our breakdown of Gut Renovations In New York City 101

Bathroom renovation New York City
Bathroom renovation New York City

Planning Your Apartment Renovation in NYC

Budgeting For A NYC Apartment Renovation

The total cost of any NYC apartment renovation depends on existing site conditions, design aesthetics/preferences, and the actual scope of the project. However, a good rule of thumb for an entire apartment renovation in NYC, including our comprehensive full-service approach, with mid-to-upper tier finishes is $250-450, per square foot.

An apartment renovation in that range has good bones. In NYC, a number of common factors can increase costs. The most prevailing cost modifiers when renovating apartments in NYC include:

  • Pre-War Status: $350-550 per square foot
  • Estate-Condition Status: $350-550 per square foot
  • Adding HVAC / True Central Air: $400 per square foot and up 
  • Relocation Of Plumbing/Creation Of New Wet Spaces: $300-400 per square foot, depending on the extent 

Carrying & Temporary Housing Costs

Beyond base renovation costs and any cost modifiers, don’t forget to consider potential carrying costs and temporary housing costs. If you’re taking on a significant renovation to your apartment and staying in the space isn’t an option then you'll need to find somewhere else to stay amidst the demo and build portion of the renovation, which often leads to added costs. This could also require temporary storage for your belongings. 

Why Renovate Your Apartment With Gallery?

Constant, Clear Communication

One of our core principles is to keep an open line of communication at all times. We do this by offering regular site visits and phone calls, plus a mobile project management app to track all the steps of the job, material selections or questions, and anything else to discuss. You know what we know – every step of the way.

Extensive Planning To Avoid Unexpected Costs & Change Orders 

With a full-service team of design and construction professionals experienced in the complexities of NYC apartment renovations, our all-inclusive design-build approach makes change orders and mid-project budget adjustments much less likely.

Board Approval And Permit Pros

We take on the responsibility of handling all red tape involved in apartment renovations in NYC, at no additional cost. This includes reviewing and satisfying a board’s alteration agreement, filing all relevant architectural plans with the Department Of Buildings, and procurement of all necessary permits. We also handle all LPC approvals and requirements.

Loft renovation Brooklyn

What Do Our Apartment Remodels Include?

While every client has unique variables we need to account for, a start to finish apartment renovation with Gallery KBNY comes down to the following stages: 

  • Architectural Drawing And Dob Filings
  • Interior Design
  • Legalities & Logistics
    • Plumbing Inspection
    • Asbestos Test
    • Electrical Test
    • Building, Electrical, And Plumbing Permits From Department Of Buildings 
  • Material Selection & Procurement
  • Design Renders
  • Construction & Construction Management

For a full breakdown of each individual step in the apartment renovation process, view an extensive overview of our full-service Design-Build Process.

View Our Apartment Renovation Before And Afters

From bathrooms and kitchens to living rooms, closets, flooring, and anything in between, we’ve crafted them all. Get inspired by some of our finest apartment renovation work below. View our full NYC renovation portfolio or browse a few of our favorites: 

Loft renovation Brooklyn

Co-op Apartment Combination Gut Renovation In Greenwich Village

For this Greenwich Village renovation, our client purchased two sponsor units in hopes of an apartment combination. The goal was to create a spacious apartment with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, while also combining the two outdoor deck spaces each unit offered. To accommodate, we fully gut renovated both apartments, then combined them to create an immersive and elegant home that allowed him to settle into his post-bachelor life with added comfort and desirability. View the full apartment renovation before and after.

Pre-war bathroom renovation New York City
Pre-war apartment renovation NYC

Upper West Side Pre-war Co-op Renovation Off Broadway

When we were hired for this co-op renovation on the Upper West Side, the dated pre-war space needed some work. The family purchased the Manhattan home near Broadway with the intention of reinvigorating the spacious property without losing the historic character. With a speciality in pre-war renovations in NYC, we were happily up for the challenge. View the full apartment combination before and after. 




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