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Renovating in Manhattan can be a headache but it doesn't need to be. If you’re considering a home or apartment renovation in Manhattan and want to make life easier, a full-service design-build firm is likely your best choice. Especially a design-build firm located near you in Manhattan, with experience working in the various historic neighborhoods throughout the perpetually burgeoning boroughs, such as SoHo, Tribeca, Chelsea, Greenwich Village, and the UWS. Read to see why a design-build firm like Gallery KBNY is the most streamlined approach for NYC apartment renovations.

Design-Build Renovation New York City


We are proud recipients of various awards in service and design – four years in a row and counting. Our mission is to maintain a level of service and design that always raises the bar. That's why our clients consistently leave 5-star reviews. From , we apply our expertise to everything from co-ops and condos to historic brownstones and lofts.

Brownstone Renovation New York City


What sets Gallery apart is our end-to-end  process to your Manhattan home renovation. We are a turnkey, full-service design-build firm, which means we handle every single aspect of your project.

Design & Architectural Planning

The first step to any successful project is strong planning. When renovating with Gallery, you’re immediately assigned a dedicated in-house designer and project manager who works with you first-hand to scope out the vision of the renovation. Once the specifics are settled, your design specialist and in-house architect maps everything out in your architectural drawing, making sure all specifics are accounted for. We take pride in making sure we factor in everything from drawer sizes and under-cabinet panels to refrigerator door swings and duct specs. For information on how our full-service expertise separates itself from Architectural services, read ‘The Pros & Cons of Design-Build vs. Architectural Firms.’

NYC Board Approvals & Permits

As a full-service design-build firm in Manhattan, we take on the responsibility of handling all red tape involved in your renovation, whether we’re renovating a townhome in Hudson Square or loft in Hell's Kitchen. This includes reviewing and satisfying your board’s alteration agreement, filing all relevant architectural plans with the Department of Buildings, and procurement of all necessary permits. If the home is located on a landmarked street, then the Landmark Preservation Commission is an additional layer that must be navigated – which we will happily do on your behalf. If exterior renovation work is required on your landmarked home, LPC approval is needed for that as well. We’ll handle that. If exterior work is not required on your landmarked home, we still need to obtain a “Letter of no effect” from the LPC in order to proceed. Surprise, we handle that too.

Material Procurement

Our design team curates all finishes and fixtures your project requires – everything from penny tiles in the bathroom to chandeliers for the foyer and the whole world of finishes and fixtures in between. Our project coordinators then procure every selection, while also handling the logistics of material inspection and delivery.

We are not limited in material choices, as we are brand agnostic and able to purchase any item from any vendor, anywhere, on your behalf as our client. In fact, with Gallery, you don’t ever need to set foot in a showroom - unless you want to, of course.

Construction & Construction Management

Once plans are approved, demo begins and deliveries start trickling in. When the space is ready for renovation, our team begins work, delivering timelines and setting the expectation for completion. While every job timeline may be different (Read: How Long Does A Full Apartment Renovation In New York Take?), every job completion results in the same exact thing - utmost client satisfaction.

Pre-War Apartment Renovation New York City
Kitchen Renovation New York City

Benefits of DESIGN-BUILD FOR Manhattan Renovations

  • All trades from designers, architecture, plumbers, electricians, and carpenters managed under one roof
  • Dedicated main point of contact from beginning to end.
  • Project cost efficiencies by having one team managing and overseeing the entire process
  • Time and cost savings due to significantly reduced risk of information being lost in different team silos.
Condo Renovation NYC
Design-Build Condo Renovation New York City


Design-build renovations aren’t limited to any specific job sizes, types, or styles. If undertaking a full townhouse renovation on the Upper East Side or a luxury Sky Loft kitchen renovation in Tribeca, a design-build firm is ideal, because the full-service approach includes all aspects of a robust and often cumbersome process. If you’re looking for smaller-sized projects or minor remodels to singular rooms, design-build may be more than required for the job and is probably not a good fit.

Brooklyn Design-Build Renovation


All Services Under One Roof

Strong communication is essential to a successful renovation, which is why each project is assigned a dedicated team with one central and main point of contact. Furthermore, our all-inclusive project management allows our clients to put away their rolodex, kick up their feet, and dig into the JobTracker app anytime they choose, in order to see the current status of their project. Or, if there’s a specific question, your dedicated designer is always one phone call away and happy to help.

No Miscommunication Between Architecture & Construction

During a traditional renovation process, an architect and the construction team are separate entities and typically don’t work in tandem. Once the architect is done with their plans and blueprint, they usually pass them to the construction team and move on to the next project - leaving the management strictly in the hands of the construction team. But, what happens if the architect didn’t account for all the specifics, or worse, something major? The construction team is left reworking plans they didn’t create, the beauty is no longer in the detail and you’re buying twice as much Tylenol. Since design-build firms handle all aspects of the project, the communication between parties is built-in and literally under the same roof, making change orders less likely and ensuring ideal results.

No Unexpected Hiccups When Updating Permits & Filing Legal Documents

One of the most complicated parts of renovating in Manhattan is inevitably running through all the hoops associated with permits and filings. Every building has a different board and often, your unique building type (IE: pre-war brownstone, co-op) warrants approval from additional NYC commissions. Not only does a design-build firm like Gallery remove the insecurity of navigating those waters solo, we have existing relationships across Brooklyn and Manhattan that help us secure approvals faster.

Townhouse Renovation NYC
Brooklyn Renovation New York City


If you work with Gallery, you can rest easy knowing we plan, design, and execute all of our Manhattan renovations with client care front and center. To see why design-build is the best method for your NYC apartment renovation, explore more of our work, or contact us to see why our New York City apartment renovation and remodeling services are the most mindful choice when considering a residential renovation in Manhattan or Brooklyn.

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