How to Turn Your Dream NYC Kitchen Design Into a Reality

Want to build your dream kitchen? Unsure where to start when remodeling a kitchen? Use these 3 steps from Gallery KBNY to help you navigate the process.

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How to Turn Your Dream NYC Kitchen Design Into a Reality

Want to build your dream kitchen? Unsure where to start when remodeling a kitchen? Use these 3 steps to help you navigate the process.

Looking to for your dream kitchen design in New York City, but unsure of where to start? The first step is to decide what you want to change by asking yourself a few questions. What kind of style do you prefer? What don't you like? You might find these answers harder to define than you originally thought.

Consider the top three things you dislike about your kitchen now. Does it lack storage, have poor functionality, or have too small a sink? Make these the focus as you choose the kitchen design that fits you best. Everyone has one, but not everyone knows what it is, so look through design sites such as Houzz and take note of the kitchen styles that appeal to you most.

For example, you might think you want everything to be the same two or three colors until you see a farmhouse-style kitchen with its eclectic mix of colors and finishes. Or, you might think traditional is the way to go until you see how a modern kitchen uses exotic, highly polished wood trims and finishes for a more classically modern style.

Once you decide on the look, the next step is to decide how involved you want to be in the process. You can hire labor-only contractors and purchase your own materials, or you can hire an all-inclusive company to build your dream kitchen for you so that all you have to do is make decisions.

Next, you need to set a realistic budget by speaking with a few contractors or firms. More than 30 percent of young homeowners exceed their budgets on renovation projects because they don’t set reasonable goals from the beginning. An experienced firm can help you set and stick to a more realistic budget.

Dream Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Knowing how you want your dream kitchen to look is one thing, but knowing how to plan a kitchen renovation is another thing entirely. The details are different for every project, but in general, these three tips will help ensure that your dream kitchen doesn’t turn into a nightmare:

1. Don’t choose brands; choose quality.

Luxury is likely an important part of your dream kitchen, but insisting on specific brands because of their popularity will push you way past your budget. Plenty of lesser-known brands offer equal or higher-quality appliances and finishes at a fraction of the cost of some of the more prominent brands.

Part of the reason is that you aren’t paying New York City showroom prices. However, such brands can be challenging to find and even more challenging to choose between. Working with an all-inclusive design and build firm will give you access to a wide variety of the highest-quality appliances at prices well within your budget.

2. Get to know your contractor first.

Spend time with your contractor before hiring him or her, and trust your intuition. Make sure you’re comfortable with that person being in your home for a month or more. If not, you’ll pay dearly for ignoring your gut feeling, no matter how attractive the proposal might be.

Besides your gut, trust whatever level of knowledge the contractor displays. A highly experienced one will not only be able to provide you with an accurate and detailed quote, but will also discuss hidden costs that you won’t be able to avoid and hiccups that might interrupt the timeline.

3. Plan for the stress.

Designing and building your dream kitchen is exciting, fun, and extremely rewarding — but it can also be stressful, frustrating, and inconvenient. Even if you hit it off with your contractor, you’ll have to consider how the project will affect your living situation and daily routine.

You might also have to consider that some specifics of your original dream kitchen design might not pan out as expected. Before even starting, accept that “close to what you want” is just as good as “exactly what you want” when it comes to renovation and remodeling. With the right contractor or team, your compromises might turn out even better than your original plan.

It’s not every day that you get to build your dream kitchen and see it become a reality. Make sure it’s the reality that you expected by taking the time to ask yourself what you really want, then finding the right contractor or all-inclusive design and build team to make it happen.




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