Home Remodeling Myths and Facts: General Contractors Tell All

What are the biggest myths & facts when it comes to renovating your NYC home? Gallery's CEO dishes on some of the most common misconceptions & more!

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Home Remodeling Myths and Facts: General Contractors Tell All

Can a kitchen remodel happen in 20 minutes? How much do bathroom renovations cost? Our CEO, Aaron Popowsky separates fact from fiction.

Home remodeling is fun. It’s got art, design, sledgehammers. Bathroom renovations transform everyday spaces into mini-spas, and a well-implemented set of kitchen ideas can make every snack an event. But even the most mercurial homeowners aren’t commissioning remodeling services every week. Home renovation is a large, sometimes-in-a-lifetime undertaking.

And because of this, the topic can be mired in mystery.

Enter Aaron Popowsky, CEO of Gallery Kitchen & Bath. He’s also the company’s lead designer and lead general contractor, and in his years on the job, he’s helped hundreds of clients achieve their one-of-a-kind kitchen and bath goals. Many clients are first-time home renovation customers who don’t know what to expect, and Aaron’s developed an ear for some common questions and concerns. Here, he sheds light on the subject’s most frequently-puzzling facets.

What’s the biggest myth when it comes to home renovation?

Turns out, there are actually two.

One, says Aaron, can be credited to television. “With the rise of home improvement shows, such as those on HGTV, come unrealistic expectations about what actually happens. Contractors do not have the luxury of editing the full experience into a 30-minute show.” And even if they did, the fact is, nothing’s as predictable as it looks on TV.

“Unfortunately, problems arise,” he says, and lists a few. “Delays from suppliers, damage of material during shipment, freight elevator out of service, etc. The important part is to make sure your contractor is always communicating with you and staying proactive.

”The other big myth? “That your contractor is going to take the money and walk off the job.” They’re well aware of the rumors. “Yes,” Aaron says, “this industry does sometimes have a negative reputation, and yes, sometimes it is warranted. But there are also a lot of good and honest contractors out there. Consumers just need to make sure they do their homework prior to hiring one.”

What are clients most often surprised by?

Aaron repeats a word he’s used already, and a theme begins to develop. “Clients who have dealt with other contractors in the past are most surprised by our level of communication.” Communication is a point of pride for Aaron and the Gallery Kitchen & Bath team. “If you accused us of over-communicating,” he confesses, “it would probably be the truth. But one fundamental belief we have is that a fully informed and educated customer is a happy customer.”

Gallery even has its own online communication tools, which clients can use to touch base with their team at any time.“Utilizing our cloud-based communication software--which clients are able to access through a computer, tablet, or smartphone--allows for seamless communication. They can punch lists, change orders, anything.”

What else is new?

For clients who haven’t renovated their homes in a couple decades, this 24/7 line of communication won’t be the only high-tech tool they’re surprised by. Gallery also uses specially designed rendering software, which helps clients clearly see their home renovation visions. Not only can clients now observe a 3d model of their dream kitchen or bath, says Aaron, but “a lot of the rendering software used today allows for a more accurate and efficient delivery time.” Not too shabby.

Real talk: How long is this going to take?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. But in Aaron’s experience, Gallery Kitchen & Bath tends to work on a speedier timeline than many of its peers do. “Oddly enough,” says Aaron, “neighbors of the customer who’ve experienced renovations themselves are often shocked at how much quicker our project was compared to theirs.”

What do you wish every client knew, right up front?

“In a dream world,” says Aaron, “everyone would know the exact design style, layout, and finishes they want up front. But that would also make our job less fun, as the design process is one of the things I enjoy most about what we do.”

In other words, it’s about the product and the journey alike. (And the journey, while longer than an HGTV episode, isn’t going to take that long.) Gallery Kitchen & Bath sets itself apart with its team of creative designers, its efficient timeline, its high-tech tools, and its transparent, communication-forward way of working. Schedule your free consultation to embark on your own journey today.




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