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You recently purchased a gorgeous apartment in Manhattan, but the property’s full potential is untapped. Whether your new dream home is an industrial Soho loft or modern duplex with an eclectic Art Deco-inspired style, there’s always room to improve. See how Gallery KBNY can elevate your space’s potential with our full-service, design-build renovation process.

Brooklyn brownstone renovation


Since striving to exceed the standards for New York City renovations is second nature, we’re quite proud to be a consistent recipient of the community Houzz awards in Service and Design. We are equally as proud of the reviews our clients have given to both Houzz and Google, resulting in a combined average of 4.9 stars. You won’t find anyone better suited to handle your interior renovation project in Manhattan or Brooklyn, whether your home is a co-op or condo, brownstone or townhome, or loft. Your vision is preserved and enhanced with our expertise to create a home that is as gorgeous as it is comfortable and functional.

Once we start working together, you can rest assured every aspect of your renovation is in careful, expert hands. Our benefits, beyond our technical expertise in renovation, center around the value we place on keeping our clients informed while handling every step of the process. A home renovation contains many moving parts, so our goal is to ensure no part ever falls out of place.

Full Interior Renovations

Our specialty is full renovations of condos, co-ops, brownstones, townhomes, lofts and pre-war apartments in Manhattan and Brooklyn. As part of our seamless approach to renovation, we don’t do partial jobs and focus on complete remodels in your home. A typical interior renovation can include a kitchen overhaul, multi-bathroom overhaul, room creation, new flooring, plus any other component of an interior renovation.

Apartment Combinations

Many moving parts are involved in a New York City renovation, especially one involving combining two units into a single home. There’s planning and design, board approvals, Department of Buildings approvals, material selection and procurement, and finally the actual construction. Projects like these require a firm to supervise the many variables for a successful outcome. For more on our specialization in NYC apartment combinations, see our Westside Manhattan Apartment Combination Before + After and Combining Two NYC Apartments Into One? Here’s What You Need To Know.’

Kitchen Renovations

At Gallery, one major consideration for kitchen renovations in New York City is the current layout: can we improve? If you want to maintain the classic New York galley but make some adjustments, easily done. If you need to work around columns in a loft, update traditional molding in a brownstone, or take down a wall to make the kitchen and dining room feel connected, our full-service home renovation contractors have the expertise to execute.

Bathroom Renovations

Our expertise is in making the most of the small spaces often found in New York apartments. No matter the bathroom renovation size, we create the ideal comfort zone for our clients. We’ll maximize storage, anticipate the best traffic flow, and incorporate luxurious touches wherever possible - from heated floors to dual vanities to utilizing three different types of marble.


Gallery’s extensive experience in New York City means we’re extremely knowledgeable in renovating various property types. The detail required extends beyond architecture, interior design, and material selection to include understanding all the necessary legalities and logistics.

Condos & Co-Op Renovations

Since condo and co-op renovations are common in New York City, Gallery has a thorough understanding of co-op boards and their alteration agreements. Our experienced home renovation contractors will always adhere to alteration agreements, and if needed, be an advocate for change if there’s a case for appropriate exceptions. Plus, we always establish rapport with a building’s super in order to make the renovation process streamlined and stress-free for our clients, as well as their neighbors.

Brownstone & Townhouse Renovations

One of our most common requests is brownstone and townhouse renovations, which have unique challenges. Some are nearly 200 years old and have been renovated several times over since the original build, while others have barely been touched. In either case, a firm taking on the renovation will now either have to fix piecemeal work from previous owners or begin the process of modernizing from scratch. Our team is well-versed in handling any specific need that arises during a brownstone renovation, from the negatives (outdated electrical and plumbing) to the positives (original moulding restoration).

Loft Renovations

As experts in loft renovation in New York City, we make the most of high-end, engaging spaces with historic charm and untouchable ceilings. We are committed to craftsmanship and impart each loft renovation project with our expert blend of architectural and design know-how.

Pre-War Apartment Renovations

Renovating pre-war apartments in New York is one of our core specialties. When comparing a pre-war apartment or condo renovation to a modern renovation, the differences are essential to understanding the cost and timeline for the project.

  • Landmark Status: Many pre-war buildings are designated landmarks by the Landmark Preservation Commission (LPC). If landmark, the LPC must also approve all exterior street facing materials and design aesthetics prior to implementation, otherwise an LPC certificate of no effect is obtained. If you’re considering renovating a landmarked property, working with a contractor who has experience with the LPC – like we do at Gallery – is critical to successfully completing the project.
  • Outdated Internals: Due to their age, electric and plumbing tend to be outdated in pre-war homes, alongside the greater likelihood of finding asbestos and insufficient electrical capacity - which not only adds cost but highlights the importance of working with experts in the field. Read more about ‘Common Surprises When Renovating A NYC Apartment.
  • Historic Highlights: The historic aesthetic factor can be key with pre-war home renovations. Some clients want to stay true to the historic aspect, in which case we dutifully maintain the classic, traditional, or Art Deco interiors. See how we enhanced historic highlights in this Brooklyn Brownstone kitchen renovation before + after.
Bathroom renovation New York City
Bathroom renovation New York City

Benefits Of Using A Design-Build Firm For A Luxury Home Renovation

Streamlined Communication

With so many moving parts during a home renovation, effective communication is essential to a successful luxury look and feel. Since our design-build approach includes all parties involved under one roof, communication between design and construction is seamless and includes all project management.

Extensive Planning To Avoid Unexpected Costs/Delays

With a full-service team of design and construction professionals experienced in the complexities of luxury NYC home renovations, design-build firms make change orders and mid-project budget adjustments much less likely.

Board Approval And Permit Pros

We take on the responsibility of handling all red tape involved in a NYC renovation, at no additional cost. This includes reviewing and satisfying a condo board’s alteration agreement, filing all relevant architectural plans with the Department Of Buildings, and procurement of all necessary permits. We also handle all LPC approvals and requirements, plus fully take on the approval process with the building management company and co-op board.

Examples Of Our NYC Luxury Renovations

Brownstone renovation Brooklyn

​​Upper West Side Pre-War Co-Op Renovation | 801 West End Ave

When we were enlisted for this co-op renovation on the Upper West Side, the dated pre-war space needed some work. The family recently purchased the Manhattan home near Broadway with the intention of reinvigorating the spacious property without losing the historic character. With a speciality in pre-war renovations in NYC, we were happily up for the challenge. View the full renovation before and after. 

Brownstone renovation Brooklyn

Full Renovation Of Pre-War Co-Op In Manhattan | 1035 5th Avenue

Our renovation at 1035 5th Avenue found us in the middle of quintessential Manhattan, as we renovated a beautiful 4,000 square foot Italian Renaissance Palazzo just down the street from The Met, which hadn’t been updated in over 50 years. The vision for this renovation called for a complete design overhaul of the extensive space, while incorporating many of the prior architectural elements and elegant marble accents, while also creating an additional bathroom and powder room. While the results speak for themselves, the client’s glowing praise for our full-service approach went a long way. View the full renovation before and after. 


Helpful Articles On Luxury Renovations In New York City

Looking to modernize a recently-purchased fixer-upper with significant square footage? Want to spruce up a townhome you’ve had in the family for years? Maybe you purchased an adjoining unit to yours and want to combine two units into one. No matter the scenario, we’ve got solutions. 

Brownstone renovation Brooklyn

View Our Completed Luxury Home Renovations

To see Gallery’s completed luxury home renovations first hand, explore our Before + After archive, dig into our Design & Reno blog and read 5-star reviews from our clients. Ready to renovate? Contact us to speak with one of our design consultants to see why our New York City apartment renovation and remodeling services are the most mindful choice when considering a residential renovation in Manhattan or Brooklyn.




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